Major League Rugby: Seattle Seawolves v San Diego Legion Week 1 Write-Up

It’s the third & final match of what has been an inaugural week of the new Major League Rugby competition over in the United States.

We’re focusing on the Seattle Seawolves v the San Diego Legion here at Starfire Stadium in Tukwila, Washington.

1st Half

Benjamin Cima who plays at Fly-Half gets his first successful penalty kick with San Diego Legion three points ahead of the Seattle Seawolves.

The Seawolves almost fought back when Will Holder ran to the try line.

But the referee called a knock on, so it’s a San Diego scrum.

Seawolves again played well with the attack & won back a penalty.

That led Brock Staller to respond by tying SD Legion the three penalty points.

A short time later, Cima took his kicking stance with an aim to regain the lead for Legion.

However, that kick wasn’t successful as the score remains 3-3 all to both teams.

SCORE: Seawolves 3-3 Legion

The brilliant defense made by the Seawolves where they held themselves to stop the Legion attack and hence, they dragged the opposition into touch.

The tackler didn’t roll away from where they held on to multiple phases.

However, their front row has just slipped away which gave Legion the penalty.

Again, they responded the lineout throw very well where they won a scrum to escape out of the Seawolves half.

Their attack has been potent to break the Legion defense.

The referee called it a forward pass, so it’s a scrum to the opposition.

Legion’s passing looks good, but it takes guts to expand width and depth on the wing areas.

They need to play a bit smarter now.

What a try from Brock Staller and the crowd looks ecstatic!

Friendly and straightforward Rugby there from the Seawolves.

Brock Staller played a license to thrill attack through the center of the field.

Will Holder adds the two extra points as the Seawolves are back in front.

SCORE: Seattle Seawolves 10-3 San Diego Legion

Benjamin Cima took his second successful penalty kick out of three attempts.

SD Legion trails Seawolves by four points.

The pass looked flat as the referee saw it as a forward pass.

Legion would need to move the ball sideways rather than going forward where they attacked the middle of the Seawolves defense.

These two front row players added pressure to the Legion attack where they have no choice but to go forward.

With Legion not releasing the ball, Will Holder successfully kicked over the goal posts with the extra three points for the Seawolves.

Seavwolves got their first Penalty try

Seattle Seawolves made superior discipline where they turned the ball around with a great driving coming forward.

That led the referee to give the Seawolves the scrum where they went on to win the penalty try.

Remember, what’s new to this year is once you have the penalty try, we don’t have a conversion.

Instead, we give the opposing team the kick at the halfway line.

On the other hand, Legion gave away sin bins and penalties.

With a lack of discipline involved, they seem to lose opportunities to get back up to speed where Seawolves dominated their attack with the assistance from the front row in the 1st half.

Score at the break: Seattle Seawolves 20-6 San Diego Legion

2nd Half

Seattle Seawolves didn’t correctly have the start they wanted where it kicked into touch.

Benjamin Cima can get the three points through another successful penalty kick for Legion.

They’re a man down as they trail by 11 points to the Seawolves.

SCORE: Seawolves 20-9 Legion

Legion has the drive going and the ball in front of them.

But the ball comes in stuck as they turn over.

Hence they struggled to release the ball which conceded the scrum to the opposing team.

Next time, they might want to engage the ball a bit earlier to provide some flow into the attack.

Seawolves dominating through the attack

They won the lineout where they spread the ball out wide as the Seawolves gained possession which won another penalty.

Seattle is playing direct rugby at the moment where they get that license very quickly.

Phil Mack tried to make a quick drop goal but wasn’t successful.

Seattle still has the ball on a line out with the advantage they’ve got right now.

They’ve possessed the most power towards their front row, but Legion pulled them down away from their try line.

The scrummaging isn’t driving straight with the collapse so still Seawolves scrum.

Second Penalty Try

This time, they won their second penalty try where the Seawolves are now 27-9 Legion with 23 minutes left in play.

The only they need to improve is their kicking game.

Some of the kicks they’ve created are sometimes hit and miss.

That would help them when they verse the other teams to help advance into the finals.

Legion’s forward line has been on the back foot after that line out with Cam Dolan the primary catalyst of that try.

They’ve gone nice and steady with the drive creams it beautifully past the try post.

SCORE: Seawolves 27-16 Legion

Seattle produced an excellent drive and control through the scrummaging where the front row have the changed the game both starters and subs.

Phil Mack broke the back of the scrum before they touched the try line as Legion didn’t stay square.

That’s why the Seawolves won a third penalty try with 11 minutes in play.

SCORE: Seawolves 34-21

Legion didn’t make a lot of solid lines breaks with a leaky defense where conceding discipline made their match a lot tougher to fight back.

Seattle’s defense is solid, but Legion have the line-out throw because they didn’t create that line break.

Cam Dolan taps the second time to help Legion get closer to the try line.

Substitute Drew Gaffaney later pushed that ruck before touching the ball over the try line.

SCORE: Seawolves 34-23 Legion

The Seawolves made a stunning late try of the game where they supported that offload into Cam Polson who touched the ball down past the try line.

Legion still have the lineout throw in the dying minutes with a penalty in hand.

Great defense from Seattle where they made that stunning turnover before Phil Mack kicked the ball into touch and game already over.

Full-Time: Seawolves 39-23 Legion

Post Game

Look at the Seattle Seawolves crowd!! It’s fantastic to see the fans applaud their side for the win.

The discipline they’ve made through the scrummaging and driving maul, outstanding!

Ray Barkwell is one of the leading players at Hooker deserved to take out the man of the match.

He too has changed the game for the Seawolves in picking up most of the tries of tonight’s game.

On the other hand, the San Diego Legion recovered with a robust set piece run towards the second half with two tries on hand.

However, they’ve lacked discipline in the defense where they didn’t make any line breaks as well as throwing penalties away and one or two players in the sin bin.

That’s not good enough to help the Legion fight back through a massive loss in their first game of 2018.

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