Major League Rugby Week 2: Seattle Seawolves v Glendale Raptors Game Review

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Glendale Raptors have gone off to a great start as Will Magie takes the first three points despite a sin bin from Maximo De Achaval.

On the other hand, Seattle Seawolves needs to work more on their discipline.

They have an early shove with the referee but have a bit more of an edge through the scrum.

That created a mishandle with the ball from the Raptors where the Seawolves defense allowed themselves to move forward before they won the turnover.

Raptors took advantage of the driving maul where they drove forward but fell short about five meters of the goal line.

Look at the front row from the Seawolves, outstanding!!

Like how Will Holder kicked the ball out and then let his front rowers damage the Raptors attack.

Glendale coped well without De Achaval in the last ten minutes & with their full 15 men out on the field; they could change the game.

That created some opportunities when they did some running of their own with 20 minutes left in the first half.

Once again when they won a penalty, Will Magie successfully kicks over the goal posts for the extra three points.

SCORE: Seattle 0-6 Raptors

Glendale have improved discipline, first phase defense and exploit wing rotation.

But they haven’t yet broken past the strong Seattle defense.

Again, great work from the Seawolves in creating the difficulty of the Raptors by not releasing the ball.

Also, fantastic use of the power from Hooker Ray Barkwill in winning a penalty line out for the Seawolves.

Raptors mishandled the ball at the wrong time as the Seawolves take advantage of the turnover.

But the Raptors used a lot of the defense to win back the scrum.

What about a try from Zach Fenoglio! Fantastic running then kicks & chases the ball.

That allowed Fenoglio to breathe some room before touching down the Raptors first try.

It doesn’t matter what position you play whether it’s backs or forwards.

But you only have to use your power and pace to help get around their defense yourself.

SCORE: Raptors 11-0 Seawolves

Seattle struggled to create some scoring opportunities, but they went back to basics approach.

That’s where Glendale went offside before Seattle won with the option of a penalty kick.

Brock Staller successfully kicks past the goal posts for the three points.

HALFTIME: Raptors 11-3 Seawolves

Seattle does dominate well in possession and the way they utilize with the defense.

But they still find themselves stuck with the kicking game plus the scrummaging.

On the other hand, Glendale is much better when it comes to wet weather conditions so it will be an entertaining 40 minutes towards the finish.

Either way, one team will come out as the winners at Starfire Stadium.

2nd Half

Glendale created some width out wide which is great to set up the attack.

But they’ve dropped the ball when they’ve paid the price as the Seawolves take over the scrum.

Though, much better use of the extensive areas through the phases as Harley Davidson gets one over the try line in the 47th minute.

No conversion made by Magie so no extra two points there.

SCORE: Glendale Raptors 16-3 Seattle Seawolves

The Seawolves are in the Raptors territory before they got one over with Phil Mack.

He used the free kick from the scrum to move forward with the game.

That is excellent fightback from the Seawolves in the 56th minute.

And there you go, fantastic conversion to add the two points from Brock Staller.

SCORE: Seattle Seawolves 10-16 Glendale Raptors

Tough night from an unsuccessful penalty kick from Will Magie.

Glendale still leads the Seawolves by 16 points with 20 minutes left in play.

Seawolves are in a chance to fight one back & shock the opposition.

Glendale is struggling to hold the scrum as they didn’t stay square.

The home side built and maintain patience for the entire time as they used the penalty to win the lineout.

But the fans are booing the referee when Ray Barkwill didn’t throw straight.

The Seawolves only need to worry about their territory to protect the defense and boast forward with the possibility of scoring a try + converting the two points.

Will Magie saw the space such as the bouncing ball, but he mishandled the ball as the scrum goes to the Seawolves.

The drive comes on when the ball is tucked in, but the Seawolves didn’t stay square.

Therefore their scrummaging didn’t execute it properly.

That gave Will Magie the opportunity to kick over the goal post, and he did it successfully.

SCORE: Seattle Seawolves 10-19 Glendale Raptors

Luke White is off the field for treatment, but he played a blinder for the Raptors tonight.

Like the way how L. White played a crucial role in the front row where the Raptors dominated most of the possession.

Interesting to see if the Seawolves can get the bonus point by choosing the scrum.

They’re great with this area so far tonight, but they won’t win the game.

What a fantastic try to end the game with a bonus point.

The driving maul looks excellent where they pushed forward with the ball.

Then they found someone in George Barton who came off the bench with pace before getting one down past the try line.

The Seawolves fans know they’re disappointed with the loss tonight.

But at least the bonus point is crucial towards their contention towards the finals.

FULLTIME: Seattle Seawolves 15-19 Glendale Raptors


  • Vili Toluta’ U (57′) and George Barton (81′), One Try each
  • Brock Staller (1 penalty & 1/2 try conversion attempts)


  • Zach Fenoglio (35′) & Harley Davidson (47′), One Try each
  • Will Magie (3 penalties & 0/2 try conversion attempts)

Coming Up

We’ve now got one more game to complete Week 2 of Major League Rugby.

That’s where Utah Warriors take on San Diego Legion at Torero Stadium in San Diego, California.

Tune in tomorrow night 7.30 PM ET/4.30 PM PT LIVE on ESPN + & AT&T Sportsnet.

If you live overseas, you get to watch the game LIVE and FREE via the Major League Rugby Official Facebook Page.

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