Week 13 of 2018 Vodafone Super Rugby Season: Sunwolves v Queensland Reds Match Review

Izack Rodda made an obstruction in the opening minute of the game.

That’s costly to have a weak start for the Reds as Hayden Parker takes successfully converts the three points via the penalty within two minutes.

SCORE: Sunwolves 3-0 Reds

Not only the front row looks bleak, but Ben Lucas down at scrum-half threw the hands in the ruck, which is an unfortunate approach by the visitors.

Two penalties conceded to the Sunwolves, let’s see what they can do from there.

Hayden Parker makes his 2nd conversion attempt successful between the sticks in the seventh minute.

SCORE: Sunwolves 6-0 Reds

The home side may have continued with the six points.

However, Michael Leitch went offside, so the penalty goes to the visiting team for the first time.

They used the most of the penalty when Brandon Paenga-Amosa continued to show his brilliant form from the Lions match back home two weeks ago.

That way the Reds’ scrum maintained themselves straight and square before Paenga-Amosa edges it forward & has gone over the try line for the first time today.

Jono Lance who came back today’s match at Fly-Half kicks it well inside the goal posts for the two extra points.

SCORE: Sunwolves 6-7 Reds

Taniela Tupou went offside straight after the restart as Hayden Parker using the penalty token with the kick.

And Parker’s third attempt for goal is successful with the extra three points.

SCORE: Sunwolves 9-7 Reds

Shota Horie made a big dangerous tackle there which is not what the Sunwolves wanted as the Reds win a second penalty against the home team.

The linebreak looked great as usual before Ben Lucas used the ball as told by the referee.

Then what happened next? B. Lucas identified a gap to come home, and hence he nailed it past the Sunwolves territory for the second Reds’ try.

Jono Lance successfully converts between the sticks for the two extra points.

SCORE: Sunwolves 9-14 Reds

The attacked looked great, but the defense needs to step up a bit more from the visitors.

James Slipper puts his hands in the ruck whereas the Sunwolves successfully used the penalty well when Hayden Parker makes the penalty kick 3 out of 3.

SCORE: Sunwolves 12-14 Reds

Sunwolves are making the most of their opportunity with the linebreak.

Can the home team fight back?

Grant Hattingh creates the offload to Craig Millar gets a run-in against the Reds defense trying to find some support.

Yes, he has as Millar gets back to Hattingh as he puts the Sunwolves home for their first five points of the day.

Hayden Parker has no problem with the kicks as the conversion is successful to add the two more points.

SCORE: Sunwolves 19-14 Reds

Craig Millar failed to roll away from the ruck which is not what met the referee guidelines so let’s see if the Reds respond to the scoreboard with the penalty.

No, Great attacking play from Kazuki Himeno at Number 8 who first sets up the pass to Hattingh,

Hattingh powers up with pace a bit before passes on to Michael Little.

Little did the best his can to maintain the Sunwolves attacking system.

But Hayden Parker took his opportunity with Little’s help to run his way towards past the Reds’ territory for the Sunwolves’ 2nd try.

Parker completes his seven-point strategy by himself as the conversion is right between the sticks.

SCORE: Sunwolves 26-14 Reds

The visitors’ defense needs some work to do from Parker’s half-field dash to Izack Rodda failing to follow the referee’s guidelines by not releasing the ball.

Hayden Parker successfully converts his fifth penalty goal as many attempts as the Sunwolves lead massively ahead of the Reds at half-time.

SCORE: Sunwolves 29-14 Reds


  • Tries: Grant Hattingh (30′), Hayden Parker (33′)
  • Conversions: Hayden Parker (30′,35′)
  • Penalties: Hayden Parker (2′, 7′, 15′ 28′, 40′)


  • Tries: Brandon Paenga-Amosa (10′), Ben Lucas (21′)
  • Conversions: Jono Lance (11′, 22′)

2nd Half

Izack Rodda obstructed the ball once again which is costing his momentum for the Reds’ defensive half.

That cost the Reds’ the seventh penalty gone to the Sunwolves as Hayden Parker kicks into the goal posts for the three extra points.

SCORE: Sunwolves 32-14 Reds

Wimple Van Der Walt collapsed the maul as the Reds looking to re-build their attacking play with Filipo Daugunu posing a threat towards the Sunwolves defense.

Good line-break from the visiting team but George Smith went offside where the Sunwolves have another opportunity to strike down another score.

Their attack maintained possession where Hosea Saumaki pushed Filipo Daugunu away from his territory.

See what happened next?

Saumaki held on & used the ball effectively by making a stunning line break going past the Reds defense before crossing it home for another Sunwolves try.

Conversion is all good for Hayden Parker between the sticks for the extra two points.

SCORE: Sunwolves 39-14 Reds

Hosea Saumaki goes off his feet in the ruck as the Reds won another penalty against the home team.

No, the Reds losing momentum with the defense where Taniela Tupou gets off his feet in the ruck.

That’s a big bummer for the visitors as Hayden Parker continues to kick past the posts correctly as the Sunwolves extend their lead by 28 points.

SCORE: Sunwolves 62-14 Reds

Angus Scott-Young gets one away through the line as the Reds trying to regain momentum with the line break.

They’re still up short by the Sunwolves defense, but Scott-Young gets over for the Reds’ third try of the day.

The Reds’ built their attacking play by focusing on one phase at a time.

23 phases sound a lot, but it’s how you build the structure to scare off the opposition front row and Scott-Young accurately demonstrated just like that.

Jono Lance gets one over between the sticks for a further two points.

SCORE: Sunwolves 42-21 Reds

What an intercept from Jason Emery!! Can he make it past home?

Yes, he does, but Duncan Paia’aua made a high tackle on Emery as the referee awards the Sunwolves a penalty try.

That’s very poor discipline from the Reds as the referee gave Duncan Paia’aua a yellow card where he has to sit on the bench for a few minutes.

Not only the Reds have 14 men right now, but the defense is in complete disarray.

SCORE: Sunwolves 49-21 Reds

Hencus Van Wyk collapsed the scrum, so the Reds’ have the opportunity to re-group their squad and attack the opposition.

Alex Mafi chases the ball by his side as he looks for support.

Yes, he does as Filipo Daugunu gets one over the try line for the visiting team.

The Reds’ used the penalty wisely by making a combination of attacking play with Alex Mafi from the front row.

Mafi created the linebreak well then gifted the complete assist towards Daugunu who runs away with full power, and that’s how you dominate an attack.

Jono Lance successfully converts between the sticks for an extra two points.

SCORE: Sunwolves 49-28 Reds

Liam Wright goes off his feet in the ruck as the Sunwolves get their penalty against the Reds.

Great lead-up from Yu Tamara who supplies the offload before no one from the Reds couldn’t help stop the left winger as Hosea Saumaki found a gap & reaches the try line.

Saumaki has two tries today and six so far this season.

Hayden Parker kicks past the goal posts for another two points towards the 80th minute.

SCORE: Sunwolves 56-28 Reds

The Sunwolves want to win the bonus point by building their set-piece play at the 80th minute.

They’re not panicking now, and the whole Japanese crowd will start partying in style as Hosea Saumaki gets his hat-trick!!

Hayden Parker finishes his fifth conversion & 7th penalty between the sticks without making a single mistake.

FINAL SCORE: Sunwolves 63-28 Reds



  • Grant Hattingh (30′)
  • Hayden Parker (33′)
  • Penalty Try (69′)
  • Hosea Sumaki (54′, 78′, 80′)


  •  Hayden Parker (30′,35′, 55′, 80′, 82′)


  • Hayden Parker (2′, 7′, 15′ 28′, 40′, 43′,61′)



  • Brandon Paenga-Amosa (10′)
  • Ben Lucas (21′)
  • Angus Scott Young (66′)
  • Filipo Daugunu (74′)


  • Jono Lance (11′, 22′, 67′, 75′)

Post-Match Sunwolves Feedback

Congratulations to the Sunwolves on winning at home today.

Head Coach Jamie Joseph helped the whole side by bonding together when it comes to building set piece play & discipline.

That created even better opportunities such as adding width and depth out wide with the linebreaks which helped Hosea Saumaki’s hat-trick score a lot with the win today.

Plus what about Hayden Parker’s kicks through so many attempts in goal.

He never missed a single conversion & you must say Parker played a considerable role in the Sunwolves back row.

Also, he helped out a role for himself when he scored a try & converted the goal all on his own in the 33rd minute.

Queensland Reds’ After Game Verdict

The visiting team had scored some of the tries when they held the lead early on today.

The scrummaging looks right along the way Ben Lucas drove that maul forward to get past the try line.

However, they keep making mistakes in conceding penalties through obstructing the ball, hands in the ruck, offside & not releasing the ball, etc.

Those examples they made this match that turned the Reds’ defensive line went from bad to worse.

They’re powerless to respond the six tries the Sunwolves have scored where there are small gaps opened up on their half.

Hence the home team has more strength & speed to get one over the try line.

Plus there’s not a lot of players helping the try scores out more often.

If they did indeed step up and help play together throughout the 80 minutes, then the Reds would’ve scored two or three more tries to keep their contention alive.

It’s an away match where the conditions are different compared to the Reds’ play at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

It adds so much fatigue when you travel overseas, but they would need to ask the front rowers to play a more significant role next time.


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Where the Sunwolves and Reds are playing next week?

The Queensland Reds have another difficult game to chase when the Hurricanes welcome them at Westpac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand.

Kick-off will begin on Friday, May 18 at 5.35 PM AEST.

On the other hand, the Sunwolves head to Hong Kong when they host the Melbourne Rebels at Mong Kok Stadium.

The time will begin on Saturday, May 19 at 3.15 PM AEST.

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