Major League Rugby: Glendale Raptors v San Diego Legion Match Review

by Sports Benches

The San Diego Legion defended their ball for the first four minutes.

They pushed forward and split the opposition attack up into pieces.

That’s why Legion won the scrum and Glendale Raptors failed to release the ball.

Legion made great work there at the breakdown, JP Du Plessis’s body position puts the ball on his feet.

Hence, Glendale did not release the ball as Legion won a penalty through the line-out.

Legion tripped up that pass into touch; maybe they should focus on one set at a time.

Dolan did not hold away where he made an illegal move of not rolling away.

So, Will Magie will look to use the penalty conversion for the three points for the Raptors.

Yes, the flags go up, and Glendale Raptors lead Legion by three points in the 11th minute.

SCORE: Raptors 3-0 Legion

Fancy Footwork from Can Dolan, can the Legion get one past the try line?

Nick Boyer tapped the ball and played on; it’s advantage to the Legion side.

And Sione Tuihalamaka gets his 1st try in the 13th minute.

The referee played advantage as Tuihalamaka got that perfect low leg drive from a bottom meter out.

That’s how you dominate an attack to complete the 5 point score.

Dylan Audsley successfully kicks between the sticks as the Legion gets two more points in the 14th minute.

SCORE: Raptors 3-7 Legion

It’s TRY time for the Glendale Raptors.

How did Maximo DeAchaval get one over the try line?

Wow!! That’s just magical as he stepped just inside like he’s playing real European soccer.

See what happened next? That left, right step has forced Maximo DeAchaval to go past the Legion defense & touches down for the 5 points.

Will Magie converts the two points over the goal posts, so it’s Glendale out in front in the 19th minute.

SCORE: Raptors 10-7 Legion

The Raptors collapsed their scrum as they failed to stay straight/square so the Legion will get their opportunity to reclaim the lead.

That begins with the line-out, and nope, the ball goes to the Raptors now.

The line-out isn’t straight from Dylan Fawsitt.

The Raptors have the ball, but Bryce Campbell couldn’t maintain his line, so it’s a scrum to the Legion.

What a dominant scrum from the Legion where their forward pack added pressure to the opposition as the Raptors didn’t stay straight.

Hence, Legion won the penalty for the line-out.

Raptors didn’t stay bound with the scrum whereas the Legion forward pack produced the drive well to earn another penalty.

Legion is looking to drive the maul as they’re looking advantage to get one home before the break.

Dylan Fawsitt collapsed the maul as Legion winning another penalty line-out.

Can Dolan caught the ball correctly, and San Diego Legion surged forward to score their second try of the match.

They forgo for the five points where Dolan held the ball before Pat Blair pushed the maul forward and touched down the try line himself.

Dylan Audsley successfully kicks between the sticks as Legion leads Raptors by three points at the break.

HALF-TIME: Raptors 10-14 Legion



Maximo DeAchaval (18′)


  • Will Magie (19′)


  • Will Magie (11′)



  • Sione Tuihalamaka (13′), Pat Blair (39′)


  • Dylan Audsley (14′, 40′)

2nd Half

Great dummy by Dylan Audsley where he & his Legion team-mates forced Shaun Davies into touch.

The line-out isn’t good for Legion, but the Glendale Raptors have dropped the ball.

Great step by JP Du Plessis as the Raptors failed to roll the ball away.

Ben Cima kicks into touch as Legion looking to extend their 4 point lead.

The set-piece has to be accurate, can they get over the try line?

They’ve driven the maul forward but still fallen short.

Yes, they have!!

The whole front row has scored tries for this Legion squad as the referee played advantage before Dolph Botha gets a bit of help from the backs & touches down for a try.

Dylan Audsley gets the extra two points via the conversion in the 46th minute.

SCORE: Raptors 10-21 Legion

What a try from Kelepi Fifita!

He’s so aggressive with the ball where it’s only a one-man effort with pace.

Fifita even busts the Legion defense up before unlocking himself with the second Raptors try.

Will Magie quickly responds with the two-point conversion.

SCORE: Raptors 17-21 Legion

JP Du Plessis forced a turnover for San Diego Legion as the Raptors made an illegal move in entering by side.

So, Ben Cima kicks into touch for their line-out.

Mika Kruse made a big tackle on Gaffaney before Kruse called on the Raptors defense to win that turnover against the opposition.

On the other hand, the ball was visible there for Legion to continue to build those phases.

But it’s too little, too late so that Raptors will take the line-out throw.

No one can Seth Halliman!! Wow!!

He brings up so much pace past through the half-way line on the left wing.

It started with John Quill up front before Halliman into clear and stays inbound for the try!

Significant conversion for Magie to get the two more points.

Yes! It is!

SCORE: Raptors 24-21 Legion

Nick Boyer plays on with the ball as Pete Dahl is off his feet for the Raptors.

Legion using the penalty with Ben Cima kicking into touch outside the 22-meter line for the throw in.

They get the penalty once again; Boyer went aggressive against a real cough component.

Zach Fenoglio blocked Boyer’s path as Dylan Audsley looking to add the three more points.

Yes, the ball goes inside and over with Legion now leads Raptors by three points.

SCORE: Raptors 24-27 Legion

Can Legion fight one back in the dying seconds?

No, not just yet.

They knocked on with the ball, but the game isn’t over yet.

Any result can change in any second, any minute from now.

The Raptors scrum is perfect as they have the ball, no it’s a turnover from the Legion.

Great work from JP Du Plessis.

Nate Augspurger hammers one through but held by the Raptors defense.

The line-out has to be straight for the Legion to get a converted try.

A three-pointer or just a try isn’t good enough.

Legion gets one forward, and no, it’s a knock on as the Glendale Raptors win by five points.

FULL-TIME: Raptors 31-27 Legion



  • Maximo DeAchaval (18′)
  • Kelepi Fifita (48′)
  • Seth Halliman (60′)


  • Will Magie (19′, 49′, 61′)


  • Will Magie (11′)



  • Sione Tuihalamaka (13′)
  • Pat Blair (39′)
  • Dolph Botha (45′)
  • Zach Fegnolio (75′).


  • Dylan Audsley (14′, 40′, 46′, 76′)


  • Dylan Audsley (66′, 71′)


What a thrilling finish at Infinity Park where we saw both the Raptors and Legion fight towards the finish.

Zach Fegnolio gets his massive credit for the late try which gave the Raptors the winning feeling by five points.

The Legion is unlucky not to lose that game despite going aggressive with the attack which created the balance between the front and back rowers.

But they would need to defend & create turnovers a bit better next time.

At times when immense pressure comes out, they were powerless to stop the Raptors from a massive shock in the end.


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