Club Rugby: Round 6, Game 2 of the 2018 National Rugby Championship: Queensland Country v Sydney Rays

Tate McDermott took advantage of the poor Rays defense having gone offside where Jack Dempsey & Tyson Davis both tried to nail Jordan Petaia down.

But Petaia’s combined muscles and pace secured his 4th overall NRC TRY for QLD Country of 2018.

With the fantastic maul & line-out from QLD Country, McDermott ran the inside ball past Shambeckler Vui on the run home.

The Rays couldn’t come back in stopping QLD Country’s 2nd TRY through the poor scrummaging.

Though, the away team bounced back in the 28th minute after Tom Kibble joined halfway of the Rays’ ruck.

JP Sauni kept the ball in hand with the Rays maul staying square which is enough for them to bounce back.

Richie Asiata stayed down low through the help of Angus Scott-Young in securing QLD Country’s 3rd five-pointer before Hamish Stewart converted the kick with two bonus rewards.

Tyson Davis added the Rays’ second TRY in the 35th minute through the quick hands of Mitch Short & Harry Burey.

HALF-TIME: Queensland Country 19-10 Sydney Rays

Queensland Country


  • Jordan Petaia, 15′
  • Tate McDermott, 26′
  • Richie Asiata, 33′


  • Hamish Stewart, 27′, 34′

Sydney Rays


  • JP Sauni, 29′
  • Tyson Davis, 36′

2nd Half Part-One

Shambeckler Vui found a way to go one low on his fifth overall try in this year’s tourney.

Vui’s thankful to have some help from Latu Latunipulu.

Latunipulu’s power dive helped Vui crack down the QLD Country’s defense.

In the 53rd minute, Chris Feauai-Sautia ran through the inside set-piece from the help of playmaker Hamish Stewart.

To make matters worse for the Rays, Stewart’s 3rd successful kick helped QLD Country extend their lead to nine points.

Filipo Daugunu made an inside run past two Rays dummies before helping Jock Campbell complete the big score.

2nd Half Part-Two

With under 20 minutes to go, Daugunu tipped and chased through the halfway line.

Jock Campbell may fell short by huffing and puffing through the far left.

But Alex Casey touched down QLD Country’s sixth TRY of the day.

In the 65th minute, QLD Country kept the scrum by staying square with guidance from Henry Nucifora.

Though, Nick Duffy fumbled the scrum which caused him to run offside as QLD Country won the Penalty TRY.

Tom Lucas looks up with the blind offload before passing to Filipo Daugunu who found a gap through the inside line.

Tom Kibble almost fell short and held by the Rays defense.

But Kibble just found support to Daugunu who’s able to touch down on the run home.

With his impressive work on the right wing, Daugunu now scored 15 overall Tries in this season’s tourney.

With eight minutes to go, Jordan Petaia produced a fantastic linebreak through maximum power & pace.

The footwork by gunning down a few dummies saw Petaia get the five points on the far left side.

Harry Nucifora took advantage of the Rays’ attacking work where he’s too quick on the run home.

As the super sub, Nucifora’s set piece on the far right side helped QLD Country reach the 60 point mark.

And speaking within the final 60 seconds, John Folau produced a good line with the Rays late TRY.

J. Folau’s able to capitalize on the scrum immunity off the knock on from Rob Puli’uvea through the help of Nick Duffy.

FULL-TIME: Queensland Country 64-24 Sydney Rays

Queensland Country


  • Jordan Petaia, 15′, 73′
  • Tate McDermott, 26′
  • Richie Asiata, 33′
  • Chris Feauai-Sautia, 54′
  • Alex Casey, 59′
  • Penalty Try, 66′
  • Filipo Daugunu, 68′
  • Henry Nucifora, 77′


  • Hamish Stewart, 27′, 34′, 55′, 60′, 69′
  • Henry Nucifora, 78′

Sydney Rays


  • JP Sauni, 29′
  • Tyson Davis, 36′
  • Shambeckler Vui, 45′
  • John Folau, 80′


  • Will Harrison, 47′
  • Connor O’Shea, 80′


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