Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series: 2nd Test of Australia v India at Perth Stadium, Day 2 Evening Session Review

India resume on 2-73 with Virat Kohli (37) & Cheteshwar Pujara (23) in the middle.

Kohli immediately reached 40 since he first came in a few minutes after lunch.

The Indian skipper went straight in having reacted to the KL Rahul cheap dismissal.

From there, Kohli quickly made runs off himself followed by a 60 plus run stand with Pujara.

Australia this time have found a solution to crack the Kohli-Pujara stand.

After a while chucking low-height deliveries, the short ball play paid off.

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Mitchell Starc bowled a straight line & full-ish length play before Pujara knicked straight to Tim Paine on 24.

Bummer for Pujara when he tried to flick through the leg side for runs on the board.

But he lifted the bat high which provided a bump to Paine’s gloves.

Ajinkya Rahane replaced Pujara in the middle, India 3-85 & trails by 241 runs.

Rahane quickly made runs on the board as well as Kohli who achieved his 50 for the 44th time in his Test career.

Not long later, Rahane backed up his 50 himself with decent concentration against the fast bowlers.

With Australia tired of failing to provide the breakthrough saw Rahane & Kohli remain in the middle of a 90-run stand through the end of Day 2.

Day 2 Stumps: India 3-172 & trails by 154 runs.


India was on the verge of treading water having lost Murali Vijay & KL Rahul earlier on.

But the introduction of Virat Kohli and later Ajinkya Rahane managed to push India back on the right track.

Virat Kohli always remained calm and moved around his feet to help execute his shot selection.

Feet closer to the ball with his head sitting tall enabled Kohli to score runs as quick as he likes.

Hence, he’s able to back up his quickfire 82* from lunch to evening on the same day.

On the other hand, Ajinkya Rahane played very well in supporting himself & Kohli on 51*.

Rahane’s good at playing back foot shots such as the pull/cut where the Australian quicks felt hammered by his presence.

Plus the way Rahane played the straight drive shot on one occasion looks classic.

Full face of the bat on the front foot and keeping his head still conveys how well he can last in the middle.

Should Kohli & Rahane survive through lunch tomorrow, India is well in good position to move ahead past Australia.

Australia has kept trying all afternoon regarding their bowlers.

Although, they have done well have picked up a few scalps in hand.

But for most of the time, they went for the full ball too far or straight in not targeting the off stump.

Now, they will need to be patient to try and split the Rahane-Kohli partnership ASAP.

Not only that, Australia must prepare to take on Hanuma Vihari & Rishabh Pant seriously.

You never know because these next two can score quickfire runs and that could frustrate Australia even more.

So best to go back to square one Day 3 tomorrow morning and attack that off stump with pace.

For now, that’s it for the 2nd Day of the 2nd Test in the four-match 2018/19 Domain Test Series v India at Perth Stadium.

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