Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series 2nd Test of Australia v India at Perth Stadium, Day 3 Evening Session Review

After the 20-minute tea break, Australia resumes batting on 0-33 at Perth Stadium.

Aaron Finch whose right index finger got by Mohammed Shami during the previous session had to go to the hospital.

We don’t know how long Finch can come back to the arena so he can get his index finger healed on time.

But we’ll find out soon enough once Finch’s X-Ray scans come out.

Hence, Usman Khawaja immediately came in.

Khawaja joins Marcus Harris who’s currently on seven not out as Australia lead by 76 runs.

Immediately, Khawaja fired off with runs on the board at 13.

Though, India knocked off Australia’s first wicket of this spell as Harris left the field on 20.

Jasprit Bumrah swung late in-line and angling in straight with some spice to get rid of that off stump.

Bummer for Harris who didn’t move at all and let the ball go having thought it’s a short ball.

But Bumrah’s attacking play to target the three stumps gave India the upper hand.

Not long later, India picked up their 2nd scalp as Shaun Marsh out for 5.

Mohammed Shami produced a short length ball angling in straight & in-line.

Unfortunately for S. Marsh, he pulled it early without the entire flat swing & clipped the edge straight to Rishabh Pant.

India quickly added the third scalp when Ishant Sharma LBW-ed Peter Handscomb out on 13.

This time I.Sharma executed perfectly with the full-length straight ball before clipping Handscomb’s front pad.

Handscomb may have defended with a flat bat, but a few inches far from his front pad.

And yes, his technique has always been exposed despite scoring a lot of runs at the state level.

Seems that he played it a little too early as a string of inconsistent scores has put Handscomb’s Test career in jeopardy.

Khawaja & Head helped Australia reached past the 100-run mark as Khawaja reached 41*.

But for Head, he had to leave on 19.

Mohammed Shami bowled a straight short ball which went full where Head executed the cut without moving his feet.

Yes, he has the head position and flat bat going.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the rope as Ishant Sharma took the catch at third man.

Just picking for the ball when not leaning back shows a mistake identified for Head.

If he used his body position & feet a bit, then Head would’ve made the safe shot down the ground at least to pick runs on the board.

As Tim Paine came in, he too fired off with a boundary having taken with not much risk involved.

To back that up, Paine does bring a classic approach having gone forward & whack closer to the ball to increase power.

So far, so good as Paine ended Day 3 on eight not out.

Stumps Day 3: Australia 4-132 & leads by 175 runs.

Without Finch, India’s fast bowling performances continue to spice up.

Good seeing them target targeting the straight ball where their approach looks attacking minded.

Furthermore, the way they angle in regarding the line and length helped clinched a few wickets onboard.

On the other hand, Australia’s batting run hasn’t gone as quick as expected.

Most of the top order looked prone to looking runs by hitting in the air which sent them back upstairs fast.

Don’t forget not moving awkwardly and letting their bat play far from where they should hit the ball also caused problems.

So Paine & Khawaja must play basics with a flat at all times if they want to win the 2nd Test for Australia.

At last but not least, Doctors cleared Aaron Finch of a serious index finger injury.

Good news for Australia to require his armory to push as many runs as they can.

That’s it for Day 3 of the 2nd 2018/19 Domain Tests between Australia v India at Perth Stadium.

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