Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series 2nd Test of Australia v India at Perth Stadium, Day 4 Morning Session Review

Australia resume on 4-132 as Tim Paine (8*) & Usman Khawaja (41*) resume at the crease.

So far no wickets lost this time around for Australia to move on with their run chase.

Khawaja kept his head straight and forced his way to secure his patient half-ton.

His incumbent partner, Tim Paine, too worked very hard to help himself & Khawaja survive against the Indian bowlers.

Paine remained calm and batted as traditional as he likes having proved evident through plenty of first-class 50 & 100s for his state, Tasmania.

He doesn’t take too much risk and always provides check and safe type shots.

Plus he’s very good at moving his feet a bit forward with his body position as long as his head stays tall.

One example he executed the cut shot well is where Paine may not move his feet too much.

But his head and full swing of the flat bat did provide maximum power to beat the fielder past the third man.

Lunch Day 4: Australia 4-190 & leads by 233 runs

India’s bowling although worked very hard to add some spice and bounce to beat Australia’s batsmen.

But they struggled to provide the breakthrough when they went too straight or full.

So during the afternoon session, India would like to have their batteries recharged and go for the in-line & straight balls.

On the other hand, Australia remained patient and blocked a lot of balls to stay alive in the middle.

Tim Paine remained on 32* while Usman Khawaja leads the way on 64*.

They need at least build a lead between 300-400 before asking the opposition a harsh response to chase.

That way Australia can unleash their bowlers and wrap up the 2nd Test ASAP to leave Perth 1-1 by the end of tomorrow.

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