Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series 2nd Test of Australia v India at Perth Stadium, Day 4 Afternoon Session Review

After the 40-minute break, Australia resume on 4-190 as they lead by 233 runs.

India may not have found any wickets captured this AM.

However, their star fast bowler Mohammed Shami found the breakthrough a few minutes after lunch where Paine left on 37.

Through a fierce and aggressive short ball play, Paine moved out of the way before his bat edged straight up to Virat Kohli.

Not long later, Shami added his 4th wicket through the returning Aaron Finch on 25.

Again, another short pitched ball going straight and attacking the three stumps as Finch only jumped and let his bat edged to Rishabh Pant.

Down the leg side it goes, Shami’s bowling efforts this time got stronger after a wicketless morning run.

A couple of overs after taking the new ball, Shami achieved his five-wicket when he dismissed Usman Khawaja on 72.

Another angling in-line and short ball delivery went straight & targeting those three stumps.

It may not be a low-height yorker.

But at least, Shami attacked the short ball very well with bounce and pace.

Khawaja couldn’t believe it when he backed away before knicking the outside edge straight to Pant’s gloves.

Though, the next wicket was a yorker this time thanks to Jasprit Bumrah’s 2nd scalp on Pat Cummins.

Bumrah unleashed the extra bounce before he let the maximum pace hit the middle stump.

Unbelievable yorker to get this ball in-line and straight as Cummins left on one.

For Cummins, he couldn’t extend his arms a bit when he tried to defend the ball.

Instead, he jumped and hesitated to try and let his bat block the ball which left a big hole on his wicket.

Shami added his sixth wicket of this test when Nathan Lyon left on five.

Lyon tried to whack past the man through the rope.

But he backed away and didn’t swing the cut shot all the way to give maximum power as Hanuma Vihari takes the catch.

At the end of Australia’s 2nd innings stint, Jasprit Bumrah clean bowled Mitchell Starc out on 14.

3rd Innings Score: Australia 243 & ask India to chase 267 runs to win.

To make up some lost time, Mitchell Starc provided the start he wanted for Australia.

Three balls into the first 4th innings over, Starc found an excellent short ball play angling in full with a variation of bounce.

KL Rahul couldn’t believe it when he left it out before his bat chopped into the stumps for a duck.

Not long later, Josh Hazlewood found the short ball straight line to dismiss Cheteshwar Pujara on four.

Hazlewood found the attacking way which is to target that off-stump as it may not be direct.

But he found the pace and bounce to help Pujara knick straight to Paine’s gloves.

Tea: India 2-15 & need 271 runs to win

India’s bowling went sharper and aggressive by targeting the stumps no matter how fast where it landed.

These tactics after a wicketless first session have reduced Australia’s extended hunt towards reaching the 300 run mark.

For Australia, their batting has become hesitant having exposed to hitting far towards the air.

Plus they tried to back away before letting their bat block which didn’t work.

Next time when they defend to keep their wicket, use their bat to block closer to the front pad.

That way they will have a better chance of staying on much longer plus avoid the misery of an LBW.

But that doesn’t mean that India’s batting performances are excellent as Australia’s.

KL Rahul thought he could leave it out thinking it will go straight to the keeper.

But his bat still left open which allowed the ball to chop onto the stumps.

Pujara had to jump in trying to protect his wicket.

But he moved his head down plus going unbalanced saw his time in the middle numbered to Starc & Paine.

So if Australia can keep bowling straighter, sharper and adding that spice towards the three stumps, then they will have a better chance of wrapping up the 2nd Test in Perth tomorrow.

At least Kohli not scoring a century plus a collapse in the middle-order will be Australia’s bucket list tasks to do after tea.

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