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Just before Day 3’s play ended, Tim Paine continued to produced commentary gold thanks to the inside stump mic access from host broadcaster Fox Cricket.

If you watched the match on free-to-air via Channel 7, then you have missed some piece of entertainment due to their low level of stump mics.

Paine tried to convince Rishabh Pant a few things to look out for humorously:

  • Wondering if he can visit his hometown in Hobart, Tasmania.
  • From there, Paine would buy Pant an apartment and play for the Hurricanes in the Big Bash League.
  • Paine’s hilarious idea of Pant playing for the Hurricanes digs in when MS Dhoni returns to keep wicket for India during the three-match One Day Series v Australia in three weeks.
  • Paine planning to take himself & his wife (Bonnie) to the movies while Pant babysits for his two children.
  • Dinner plans to eat after a day’s play.

Well, Pant was concentrating on his batting, and sure he isn’t married and have kids since he’s 21.

But Paine’s a funny man who’s very popular both on and off the field having played for Tasmania & Hobart Hurricanes for many years.

To bring that level of banter, it made a lot of people laugh to both Australian and Indian audiences who watched Test Cricket on TV.

Aside from his comedy gold, Paine has contributed with the runs on the board with a couple of simple shots heading into tea.

But he got quickly dismissed when he defended the bat up high & edged straight to Pant’s gloves on 22.

On the field, he’s very good with the change of field placements plus tactics which helped Pat Cummins pick up four quick wickets.

Australian fans & team-mates should still support Paine so they can quickly wrap up India’s 2nd Innings spell.

There’s plenty of reasons why Tim Paine will help Australia wipe out the difficult times that have endured throughout 2018:

  • His leadership skills as the captain.
  • His basics approach of using a straight bat when making runs.
  • Work behind the stumps such as his catching and stumping.

All of these three factors will still gather Australia’s hope of winning this test match as there are only two full days of on-field action left.

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