Test Cricket: 2018-19 Domain Test Series 3rd Test of Australia v India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground | Day 3 Evening Session Review

Likewise, from the previous two sessions, India wasted no time when Jasprit Bumrah provided Australia’s seventh wicket loss.

Bumrah pitched up short and swung in close to the off stump with a bounce planted in the middle.

For Tim Paine, he used the outside edge trying to hit past the gap through the third man.

But Paine got busted when the bat carried straight to Rishabh Pant’s gloves on 22.

It’s Bumrah’s fourth wicket in two ways:

  • The 2nd Innings
  • Tim Paine in this series

Not long later, Bumrah achieved his five-wicket haul this time on Nathan Lyon.

Bumrah’s very active with his change of variety in attacking the stumps.

It pitched straight and swung in-line towards middle stump before Nathan Lyon lunged and got hit in the pad.

Unfortunately, for Lyon, he couldn’t find that flick shot right on a duck.

He now has three 5fers in test match cricket as Bumrah should be proud of his work with the ball.

And at last, Bumrah closed off Australia’s 1st Innings spell on his sixth scalp when he bowled Josh Hazlewood on a duck.

Final 2nd Innings Score: Australia 151 & Trails by 292 runs.

India does have the option to enforce the follow-on and make Australia bat again.

But India said no.

The visitors will bat in the 3rd innings with a 292 run lead after the ten-minute innings break.

Immediately, they too have fired off with plenty of patience & runs through a flat bat from Hanuma Vihari & Mayank Agarwal at the crease.

Though, the experiment of Vihari as the opener backfired when Pat Cummins captured him on 13.

Cummins threw in the short ball which provided the bounce angling straight close towards the off-stump.

Vihari defended with the bat far up before he clipped the inside edge & scooped up high to Usman Khawaja’s hands.

Not long later, Cummins quickly wrapped up his 2nd wicket on Cheteshwar Pujara (duck).

He pitched up full & straight with the low-bounce on maximum pace which worked well by attacking the stumps.

Pujara tried to flick through square so he can beat the fielder via the vacant gap.

But there’s a man in that region named Marcus Harris who took the catch.

Maybe Pujara should’ve blocked it with a straight bat as half-whacking without moving the feet too much & not following through the ball quickly became one of his mistakes made in this innings.

It didn’t take Cummins too much time to get rid not only one key man in India’s batting card.

But also another key man of their captain Virat Kohli on a duck.

Kohli tried to take advantage of the straight yorker play within the stumps of his wicket from Cummins.

Unfortunately, Kohli couldn’t find the gap towards leg gully as he flicked up high of the bat before Harris again took the catch.

Harris walked in and let the ball come to him under the eyes as he’s able to hold on the ball with two gentle hands.

Cummins later picked up his 4th wicket on Ajinkya Rahane (1) thanks to the catch from Tim Paine.

He pitched up short directed up straight and wide before Rahane pulled it early & jumped around as it carried straight to Paine’s gloves.

Aside from Pat Cummins quickfire four-wicket spell, Josh Hazlewood captured Rohit Sharma on five which provided India’s fifth wicket loss.

Hazlewood pitched up short and straight with the extra bounce going wide before Sharma cuts it early towards Shaun Marsh at slip.

R. Sharma didn’t move his feet at all when he just reached out for the shot despite executing firmly under his eyes.

Agarwal stayed on and continued to score runs on 28* while Rishabh Pant came in and quickly picked up one boundary on 6*.

Day 3 Stumps: India 5-54 & leads by 346 runs.

India’s Take

India continued to attack with little time wasted after a 20 minute time out.

The way they target the stumps plus adding some short ball spice helped India finish off Australia’s lackluster 1st Innings spell.

Credit to this young man in Jasprit Bumrah who picked up six wickets in the 2nd Innings.

I like the way Bumrah changes his variation to keep his length firm and simple to make the batsman play a loose shot which worked.

Everyone’s sure that Bumrah will reward his efforts today as he’ll play a key role for India in years to come of all formats.

Regarding the bat in the 3rd Innings, India wouldn’t worry too much about the scoreboard at this stage.

But their top order has quickly been swamped by Pat Cummins through poor execution of the technique.

At least, two of the quality Top 7 batsmen in this order survived such as Rishabh Pant (6*) & Mayank Agarwal (28*).

Australia’s Take

Their batting card continued to suffer through poor defending and not executing the shots half full of the bat.

Though, Pat Cummins fired off well with the ball not long after the 3rd innings went underway.

The way Cummins produced his short ball plays remained attacking minded by keeping it straight and simple towards the stumps.

It may be a straight in-line or a full delivery, adding some change of pace helped Cummins pick up four quick wickets.

Don’t forget Josh Hazlewood too contributed to one part of India’s top order scarring by employing the same approach as Cummins on the field.

Yes, the bowling may have somewhat improved this time.

But the ridiculous batting and use of shot selection still haven’t hidden Australia’s rough performance on Day 3 today.


It will depend on how wet weather will affect the Day 4’s play at MCG tomorrow.

If there’s play at some point during Day 4 tomorrow, then India may want to bat a bit more before making a declaration.

That way, their bowlers can come back here with rechargeable legs after a good night’s sleep to finish off the 3rd Test, 2-1.

Australia will need to pick up more quick wickets as Cummins demonstrated a while ago.

So no freebies or loose balls to make Pant & Agarwal’s life in the middle easily as these two can score runs.

Once they get rid of Agarwal, Pant and later the tail order, then Australia must remain patient on the fourth innings to hijack India’s planned celebrations on the way to Sydney:

  • Force a draw.
  • Remain at the crease for a long time by keeping the technical & shot selection simple & meet the required target to win this match.

For now, Day 3 of the 3rd 2018/19 Domain Tests is completed here at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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