Test Cricket: The two Australian Cricket Team members should head to the chopping block ahead of the 4th Test v India in Sydney on Thursday

Now that the moment of truth has arrived after Australia lost the 3rd Test in Melbourne yesterday v India.

Yes, most of the batsman & bowlers did survive.

But one to players will need to head towards the chopping block.

Aaron Finch

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One batsman who bats in the Opening spot didn’t get through two single-figure scores.

That name is Aaron Finch.

Yes, he comes from scoring a bucketload of runs in the Australian One-Day & Twenty20 Teams.

But Test Cricket is a different setting.

It’s questionable to me why Finch opens in Tests whereas he usually comes in the middle order in first-class cricket.

Unfortunately, his shot selection comes a lot from the air or scoring directly off the stumps.

Surely that looked too risky to take which proved that Finch could not make use of the new ball seriously.

I’d be a bit surprised if Finch kept his place in the Baggy Green.

But if Finch wants to get his lifeline, then he will need to bat in the middle-order.

Though, Finch’s possible dropping for this occasion is only a lesson as to how he made mistakes into his new life as a Test Cricketer.

Head Coach Justin Langer can re-pick Finch again this time at No.5 during the two-test series v Sri Lanka later in January.

Finch can still play shots and be aggressive with his technical work in the middle having scored 7 100s & 31 50s in this position for Victoria.

For now, it’s a no from me to continue picking Finch in this final Test.

Mitchell Marsh

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The 2nd and final player will sit out yet again is Mitchell Marsh.

When he got recalled to the squad before the 3rd Test, M. Marsh must use every minute of his lifeline to survive in the Baggy Green such as:

Scoring a lot of runs at least past 40 & later back up a 50 or 100
Pick up a few wickets.

Unfortunately, his results remained dry just barely reaching the double-figure mark & no scalps at all.

Yes, one or two boundary shots do come from keeping it composed and whacking with an open flat bat.

But he shouldn’t score runs off good balls such as the middle of his crease which became a risky place to lose his wicket.

That happened twice throughout both spells with the bat as he should’ve blocked it.

Next time, M.Marsh should score runs if it’s a tad away from the stumps or pitched up short & wide.

To make matters worse, he’s only a backup bowler.

The way he pitched up too short & wide as well as a tad far from the stumps has become a waste of space.

And with no wickets in hand during the 1st Innings saw M.Marsh didn’t get a turn on the ball in hand at all in the 3rd innings.

To provide the best benefit for the team, Mitchell Marsh will need to work on his batting and bowling in the nets again.

And of course, he’s out.


The axing of Aaron Finch & Mitchell Marsh does haunt them through a couple of inconsistent displays.

That doesn’t mean that their Test Match careers are over yet at this stage.

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For Finch, he will have to score good runs again for the Melbourne Renegades as Opener since it’s T20 Cricket.

But if he does come back or surprisingly kept his spot, then he MUST bat in the middle-order.

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On the other hand, M. Marsh will need to continue scoring runs and take wickets for the Perth Scorchers in the Big Bash League.

The failure of achieving those two tasks doesn’t guarantee that M.Marsh will stay in the Australian Cricket Team.

And his lackluster performance in Melbourne conveys that isn’t worth it for M.Marsh to play at the SCG.

Though, let’s give him hope as he should grasp the pros and cons before M.Marsh rediscovers his magic.

For now, their job is to respond what the selections wanted to expect:

  1. Score Runs or Wickets
  2. Stay Consistent

It’s as simple as that whether it’s in the Big Bash League or the Sheffield Shield.

Either way, if they prove that they have the hard work to pull off, then they can have their spot back.

The earliest they can do is the 1st Test v Sri Lanka on 24-28 January at the Gabba in Brisbane.

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