2018-19 Domain Tests: 4th Test of Australia v India, Day 2 Afternoon Session Review at the Sydney Cricket Ground

After the 40-minute break, India resumes on 5-389 with Rishabh Pant on 27* & Cheteshwar Pujara on 181*.

Pant & Pujara continued to score runs having helped India reach the 400 run mark.

It took a while for Australia to rip the Pujara & Pant partnership when Nathan Lyon dismissed Pujara on 193.

Lyon bowled well on targeting that straight line going wide towards Tim Paine’s gloves.

With a bit of time going after where the ball landed, Pujara whacked it early as it went low air to Lyon’s hands.

Well, it may be a bummer for Pujara on not achieving his double Test ton.

But what an innings that is from “The Wall” who batted so patiently with using the feet a lot, keeping the head still & whacking off the open flat bat.

As Ravi Jadeja came in, Pant stayed on where he’s able to back up his 50 off 85 balls.

Pant likes to keep his head still having controlled the innings nicely with the incredible shot selection in rotating the strike.

That’s why Pant can score quickfire runs as his approach to batting looks attacking minded in addition to his glove work.

He moves forward or back when dancing around with the footwork as long as he doesn’t lose his balance.

That way Pant can whack off shots properly rather than hesitate and hit up high early.

Not long later, Pant’s continued quickfire stint helped India go past 450 with six wickets down.

Day 2 Tea: India 6-491

India’s Take

Rishabh Pant is doing very well on 88* as he’s only 12 runs away from achieving his 100.

Pant continues to be aggressive and attack with the runs needed as long as he doesn’t hesitate or move his head.

On the other hand, credit to Ravi Jadeja on backing him up and keeping his technique simple off an open flat bat.

The way Jadeja blocks off the good balls as well as cashing in on the singles plus the occasional boundaries made it hard for the bowlers to end the Pant-Jadeja stand as he’s on 25*.

So India isn’t far away from reaching the 500 run mark.

We’ll wait and see how long will India make a declaration so they can get their bowlers prepared ASAP.

Australia’s Take

Australia may have picked up a wicket off the spinners thanks to Nathan Lyon.

But the quicks still need to get the aggression heated up.

Pitching up average length balls towards Paine’s gloves all the time made it easier for the Indian batsmen to execute the runs they want.

It only flew too full with one bounce or wide when it may go above or past the stumps.

Again, they’re not attacking the Kookaburra ball enough.

Rotate the type of variables towards the stumps either if it’s a slow ball, yorker or the short bounce play.

That’s the strategy Australia needed to do after tea to crack the Pant-Jadeja partnership.

And one last word to the fielders, walk in and be prepared to take the catch.

It doesn’t matter what the batsman tries to hit, stay calm and use the feet a bit to get the catch gently done with two hands.

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