2018-19 Domain Tests: 4th Test of Australia v India, Day 2 Evening Session Review at the Sydney Cricket Ground

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India resumes on 6-494 with Rishabh Pant on 88* & Ravi Jadeja on 25* here in Sydney.

Jadeja and Pant almost had a communication mix up before Pant ran home safe.

As Nathan Lyon hits the stumps safe, Pant stayed on despite a minor right wrist strain.

It didn’t take long for Pant to score his 100 which is the first of any Indian wicket-keeper to achieve that feat in Australia.

Besides, it’s Pant’s 2nd Test Century having last scored 114 during the 4th Test v England at The Oval on 11 September 2018.

Not long later, India reached the 600 run mark in 164 overs as well as Pant reaching the 150 run mark.

Australia, at last, split the Pant-Jadeja partnership when Nathan Lyon dismissed Ravi Jadeja on 81.

At the same time, Captain Virat Kohli called for the declaration as there will be ten overs left tonight from Australia’s batsmen.

1st Innings Score: India 7d-622

Australia fired off nicely with steady and patient runs at the crease.

Their left-hand Openers of Usman Khawaja & Marcus Harris remain on 5 & 19 not out respectively.

Stumps Day 2: Australia 0-24 & trails by 598 runs.

India’s Take

Well done from Pant to keep his game aggressive and straightforward by moving forward and whack with the open bat face.

That way his bat can provide plenty of power so it can sail downtown for six.

It reinformed perfect placement & intent that reflects Pant’s true game in the middle.

The same goes to Ravi Jadeja who later picked up his 50 himself and celebrated with the sword.

Jadeja likes to block 100s of balls as well as hitting the runs such as singles to 2s & 3s under his eyes.

Plus he did a great job backing up the aggressor of Pant to keep the flow of runs.

All Jadeja has to do is play his natural game by staying calm at all times so he can defend/attack with a straight bat.

Coming in and staying in the crease for long periods will get you 50s which happened to Jadeja.

So no problems there from India’s batting line-up which proved robust and straightforward for the Australian bowlers to get one of them out.

Australia’s Take

The fast bowlers still haven’t get the job done well.

Again, no attacking flair used to make Jadeja & Pant open that edge by not throwing the yorker or alter the bounce so the ball can click at high speed.

Instead, it’s only too short or full balls a tad away from the stumps & going towards Tim Paine’s gloves.

Regarding the spinners, Nathan Lyon took one wicket in this session.

Lyon bowled a good ball with some turn, and it smashes the stumps where Jadeja swung and missed far forward by shaking his head.

There’s nothing much else to say as to when the 3rd innings comes in; the bowlers need to be aggressive and target the stumps.

Let’s look at the batsmen.

Usman Khawaja and Marcus Harris so far have done well as they’re both able to bat long periods.

These two know how to score runs and block off good balls using a straight bat & keep the technique simple.

When they come back tomorrow, Khawaja & Harris should continue hammering the basics of batting.

At last, they shouldn’t score runs off the air.

Just stay in the crease, score dashes by moving feet by presenting the full face of the bat & rotate the strike.

It’s the simple way to keep the wicket and build towards the 50s & 100s.

For now, Australia has a ton of work to respond to India’s 1st Innings total with three more days of play left.


Day 2 of the 4th Test in the 2018-19 Domain Tests between Australia v India has done and dusted.

Make sure you come back to my blog for Day 3 of the 4th Test tomorrow for more Test Cricket content.

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