2018-19 Domain Tests: 4th Test of Australia v India, Day 3 Afternoon Session Review at the Sydney Cricket Ground

by Sports Benches

Australia resumed on 1-122 after the 40-minute lunch break here at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Marnus Labuschagne & Marcus Harris remains on 18* & 77* respectively.

But they’ve got a big job to do as Australia trail India by 500 runs.

Australia 2-128

It didn’t take long for India to at last split the 56 run Labuschagne-Harris stand when Ravi Jadeja dismissed Harris on 79.

Jadeja bowled very well where he pitched a bit short and straight towards Rishabh Pant’s gloves.

It’s a bummer for Harris as he reached out for the late cut and let it stay when the ball chopped inside the stumps.

Harris should’ve used the feet a bit plus stay tall as he took the eyes off the ball on his follow through.

That’s why Harris made a mistake there to lose his wicket.

Australia 3-144

Not long later, Jadeja picked up his 2nd victim off Shaun Marsh thanks to the catch from Ajinkya Rahane at slip.

Jadeja continues to drive up the revs off his left arm spin towards Pant’s gloves.

So no going too wide and only keeping the great length straight as S.Marsh just edged without moving his feet.

Plus S. Marsh isn’t defending well when using the foot first then bat and doesn’t know where the ball is.

He can’t make a decent cut shot past the fielder by not keeping the head still.

It conveys that S.Marsh isn’t keeping the head still.

That’s how S.Marsh got out when the ball tagged his bat splice and not down low like Labuschagne has done.

Australia 4-152

Not only the spinners have their fair share, but one of the fast bowlers add a dent to Australia’s top-order card.

Thanks to another sensational dive catch from Rahane, Mohammed Shami sent Labuschagne back upstairs on 38.

Shami pitched up straight yorker and targeting the stumps which proved difficult for Labuschagne to score runs off the flick shot.

Yes, it may be the right shot as demonstrated well with the open bat face plus use of feet.

Unfortunately, Labuschagne’s twisted head position had added a weakness to his natural game.

That’s how Labuschagne got out as he should’ve blocked that ball with a flat bat or at least keep it tall and still.

Australia 5-192

It took another while for India to tick off Australia’s 5th wicket loss when Kuldeep Yadav dismissed Travis Head on 20.

K. Yadav bowled very well when he tossed up entirely straight towards Pant’s gloves.

For Head, he didn’t get his head position right angling sideways while his back foot isn’t supporting the front foot drive.

Hence, he looks like that Head hasn’t had the 100% to support his straight drive downtown.

So that’s how Head got out when he whacked it far from where the ball landed which carried straight to the bowler’s hands.

Day 3 Tea: Australia 5-193 & trails by 429 runs

India’s Take

They know how to change up the pace and bounce such as attacking the stumps and targeting the keepers’ gloves.

It’s the scorching pace and revs that makes the bowling straight no matter what length they bowl which made the batsman play.

Credit to most of their spinners from Kuldeep Yadav & Ravi Jadeja to maintain that line so the kookaburra ball can click.

Same goes towards Mohammed Shami who’s very good of executing the old ball having seen Marnus Labuschagne get out by scoring the flick shot off the straight ball stumps.

If they can quickly wrap up the 2nd Innings today, then India has the option to follow-on.

Otherwise, they’re following the attacking way which is the right thing to do for India to move ahead up front.

Australia’s Take

Peter Handscomb (21*) and Tim Paine (5*) so far have done well to keep their innings quiet and straightforward.

Handscomb’s shot selection looks decent against the spinners having maintained the head still and moving his feet a lot to connect the dots.

Paine too isn’t taking too much risk by blocking plenty of good balls and bringing the placement forward to whack off runs by presenting the open bat face which looks classic way to be successful in Test Cricket.

Apart from that, Australia hasn’t done well.

They cannot score runs when they take the eyes off the ball by shaking the head, not moving the feet or off good balls.

Yes, they try to keep their shots simple and staying off from the air.

But it’s best to connect the dots by making the bat click closer to the ball to provide plenty of power anywhere down the ground.


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