2018-19 Domain Tests: 4th Test of Australia v India, Day 3 Evening Session Review at the Sydney Cricket Ground

Kuldeep Yadav didn’t waste any time ticking off Australia’s 5th wicket loss on Tim Paine (5).

What a ball that is from K. Yadav!

He knows how to put his left-arm chinaman wrists in shape by attacking the stumps with a bit of turn straight.

And it made Paine challenging to execute the cover drive by not moving the feet and shook his head when he doesn’t know where the ball goes which knicked the stumps.

If Paine kept his wicket, then he should at least move a little forward & whack down the ground for four.

That way it does provide perfect placement unlike when he only reached out for the shot.

Otherwise, block it when moving the feet, so it doesn’t crash into the stumps.

After Paine’s dismissal, the introduction of Cummins helped himself score dashes while Handscomb still hung on at the crease.

So far, Peter Handscomb spent 127 minutes in the middle on 28* while Pat Cummins remains on 25*.

It’s nearly 4.30 PM AEDT as play held due to bad light as the rain comes in at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Day 3: Australia 6-236 & Trails by 386 runs.

India’s Take

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They’re in an excellent position up front regarding their bowling performances.

The way they attack the stumps has worked out well when they’re able to expose Australia’s shot selection errors.

Plus they maintain the length and change of delivery straight so the scorching ball can scare off Australia’s Top 6 batsmen.

Although, the quicks didn’t do much except Mohammed Shami.

But the installation of two spinners in Ravi Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav conveyed that India’s well researched about the SCG pitch.

With plenty of turn that tricked the batsman by opening the edge or whacking early, India won the whole pie in today’s place.

When they come back tomorrow, if India wraps up the 2nd Innings & enforce the follow-on, then they will bowl again.

That means India will further be up front for a chance to not only win this Test match but win the Series for the first time in Australia.

Australia’s Take

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The shot selection still looks risky and white-ball oriented.

They shouldn’t score runs off the air or mainly from good balls towards the stumps.

Even though the ball goes wide, the batsman still needs to demonstrate footwork so the placement can flow & beat the fielder downtown.

Otherwise, they reach out or lunge where they took the eyes off the ball & lose balance.

It’s something that they’ve lacked today which saw the top and middle order tread water under India’s eyes.

When they bat again tomorrow, come back in the middle and block off good balls 100s of times.

Then take a leaf of what Cheteshwar Pujara did in the last two days and dance around so they can whack closer to the ball and score runs.

Plus stay calm, tall and don’t move the head.

The more they present the full face of the bat and rotate the shot selection, the better the chances that Handscomb & Cummins get half-tons.

Even though it’s a tough chase to meet, it’s still a good idea to keep the technique simple so they can block India’s planned win in Sydney.


Rain and bad light still invades the SCG going into the last hour of play by 5 PM AEDT.

The umpires called it stumps early going into Day 4 tomorrow.

To compensate some lost time Day 4 & 5’s play will commence early at 10 AM AEDT.

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