2018-19 Domain Tests: Does Shaun Marsh have a future in the Australian Test Team? -

2018-19 Domain Tests: Does Shaun Marsh have a future in the Australian Test Team?

by Sports Benches

Every cricketing member on Twitter doubted Shaun Marsh’s future in the Australian Test Team.

It comes after his first innings performance ended early on five.

That’s where Kuldeep Yadav bowled straight and turned a bit towards the off-stump target.

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S.Marsh defended poorly by letting the bat edged outside early towards Ajinkya Rahane at slip.

He should’ve kept his technique by merely maintaining his head position and defend together with the bat and pad.

That way, the bat wouldn’t have gone to slip and instead blocked the ball down low to keep his wicket.

Yes, S.Marsh tried to play off the straight bat.

But he needs to show that he can score runs by fully open the bat face no matter if it’s a straight or cross bat.

It makes placement perfect to beat the bowler & fielder down the ground whenever if it’s singles or boundaries.

That’s why he isn’t concentrating by letting his head focus downwards which demonstrated a lack of understanding where the ball goes.

So chasing for the ball and not letting his head do the batting isn’t good enough.

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After this Test, red-ball cricket takes a break for a fortnight when the Australian One-Day Team plays three matches v India.

Then the Australian Test Team will play again for two matches v Sri Lanka later this month.

Yes, Shaun Marsh does bring years of experience to the side having scored runs well for his state, Western Australia.

But after a string of nonsense showings, S. Marsh may join his brother, Mitchell on the chopping block.

So throughout the four Tests that Australia played, he didn’t keep his form consistent.

He only scored one 50 during the 1st Innings of the Opening Test followed by six up and down spells.

It’s fair to say that S. Marsh had his chance and needed to go.

Although, we’ll have to wait and see if S.Marsh can finally get one last chance to turn himself around.

That will only happen depending on how the outcome of the 4th Test will go into Tomorrow & Monday.

Suggested Replacements

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If someone was to replace S. Marsh, it might have to be Matthew Wade or Glenn Maxwell.

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Even Aaron Finch could come back and have another chance to shine in his natural red-ball position at the top-order.

Here are a few suggested players who done so well in Sheffield Shield needs a test drive with the Baggy Green.

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Although, I’m not mentioning Finch again as an Opener having done poorly in a position he thrived in white-ball cricket.

The selectors’ ignorance of proven red-ball run scorers so far this session conveys the declining standard of Australia’s first-class system.

Give them a chance and judge them after the 2nd Test v Sri Lanka in early February.

They won’t be disappointed as one of the best Shield run-getters could score consistent 50s and even 100 & 200s.

Maybe they could be Cheteshwar Pujara & solve their long-running batting problems.

If so, that would give the selectors more time to sort out Australia’s best Ashes 2019 squad between February & July.

That way Australia can go and possibly win the Urn in England for the first time since 2001.

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