2018-19 Domain Tests: 4th Test of Australia v India, Day 4 Afternoon Session Review at the Sydney Cricket Ground

A mix of rain and bad light has interrupted the morning session of Day 4’s play here at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

At last, the rain has fortunately stopped as the covers come off & play resumes at 1.50 PM AEDT.

The revised playing times have come up between now and 6 PM:

  • This Session, 1.50 PM to 3.50 PM
  • Evening Session, 4.10 PM to 6 PM

Afternoon Session

Peter Handscomb (28) & Pat Cummins (25) resumes work at the crease for Australia.

The home team is on 6-236 as they trail by 386 runs.

It didn’t take long for India to write off Australia’s seventh wicket loss when Mohammed Shami dismissed Cummins on 25.

Shami bowled a very decent attacking line swinging in straight before it knicked the off-stump.

Cummins couldn’t believe it when he jumped and took the eyes away from the ball.

And look how bad he defended, it shows that he’s not concentrating and staying tall.

He could’ve defended with a straight bat alongside the pad closely, so the ball doesn’t go through the stumps.

Australia 8-257

Peter Handscomb did fire off with a few more runs before Jasprit Bumrah bowled him out on 38.

Bumrah bowled the same way as Shami did a while ago which is going wide then swinging in straight towards crashing the off-stump.

That is the attacking way to trick the batsman by bringing out the in-swinger with a bounce in the middle & maximum pace.

For Handscomb, yes, he felt very frustrated by whacking his bat on his right leg pad.

But the defense isn’t properly held its strength where his footwork only covering the stumps doesn’t help.

It’s all about the power of the bat & head that creates the wall so it can’t enter the stumps.

That way Handscomb should’ve kept his quirky technique simple with the bat and pad close together.

Plus he’s only jumping around and turning his head downwards.

With Handscomb taking his eyes off the ball, he doesn’t know where’s the right spot to block it which is why he got out.

Australia 9-258

Not long later, Kuldeep Yadav achieved his 4th wicket when Nathan Lyon left for a duck.

K. Yadav bowled well in unleashing a little turn angling middle stump which made Lyon harder to sweep as it tagged his front pad.

With no foot movement and hitting it early, it’s too easy for K.Yadav to wrap up Australia’s ninth wicket fall.

Josh Hazlewood & Mitchell Starc (29*) came in and stayed in the middle for a while as Australia reached the 300 run mark.

The tail end pair has blocked 100s of balls and played plenty of straight bat shots which the top order should’ve done.

But Kuldeep Yadav wrapped up the 2nd Innings with a five-wicket haul as he dismissed Hazlewood on 21.

Final 2nd Innings Score: Australia 300 & Trails by 322 runs.

This time, India will enforce the follow-on as Australia head back to the dressing room & bat again shortly.

150 Tests ago, England asked Australia to bowl again by enforcing the follow-on.

That was way back on August 25-28 2005 v England in Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

And on this ground, you’re looking back at January 29-February 1988 when England asked Australia to bat again.

The result ended in a draw.

Australia fired off with some runs before Tea went in early due to bad light.

Day 4 Tea: Australia 0-6 & Trails by 316 runs (Follow-On)

India’s very good at attacking the stumps which worked well for Shami, Bumrah & K. Yadav.

Plus they’re able to change the pace and bounce to scare off the Australian batsmen.

Now with the follow-on in place, they should keep their attacking approach simple to try and win this match.

So mainly the spinners will be the driving force in this 3rd Innings campaign.

But expect to see Bumrah & Shami contribute amongst the wickets from fast bowling.

Australia needs to tighten their batting.

The defense needs to improve by moving the foot whether if it’s back or front close together with the bat.

That way they’re building up a wall to prevent the ball from entering the stumps.

But they’re not listening having gone after the ball and not focusing on the head.

Switch the other way around, and you’ll be in the crease much longer.

And at last, play with a straight bat and copy what Hazlewood & Starc did for a while.

They’ve scored runs quickly despite batting the lower-order which is because they kept their technique simple.

It’s something that Marcus Harris (2*) & Usman Khawaja (4*) must do to force a draw after tea.

Update: Bad light and some rain have abandoned the rest of Day 4’s play.

Play will resume for the 5th and final Day tomorrow from 10 AM AEDT.

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