2019 1st One-Day International Match: Australia v India 1st Innings Review at Sydney Cricket Ground

Australia’s Aaron Finch won the toss by correctly calling Heads and chose to bat first.

India’s Virat Kohli lost the immunity and forced to bowl first.

There’s no rain as it’s bright and sunny here at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

1st Innings, Part 1

India fired off to a great start when Bhuveshnar Kumar dismissed Aaron Finch for six.

He pitched up a good line going straight to start with a bit of bounce before it swung inside the off-stump.

For Finch, he took his eyes off the ball by shaking his head & not letting his bat block down low.

He should’ve defended the bat and pad close together or at least wait a bit late to flick with the open bat face.

That way Finch should’ve prevented that in-swinger enters through the gate.

Finch’s opening partner, Alex Carey had fired off with runs on the board before Kuldeep Yadav dismissed him on 24.

Carey may have remained calm and doesn’t hit too hard to let the bat process its power past the fielder.

But Yadav bowled a great ball pitching a bit short which turned towards the off-stump.

Carey had to pay the price when he late cuts without moving his feet & head down having knicked straight to Rohit Sharma at slip.

So Carey has played it early through the poor balance of the back foot and not presenting the open bat face.

Usman Khawaja backed up his 50 through building a foundation, staying calm & patient plus rotating his shot selection.

As long as Khawaja doesn’t move his head, he’s good to go to steer Australia home as they’re 2-117.

It took a while for India to break the Khawaja-Marsh stand before Ravi Jadeja provided the breakthrough.

Jadeja pitched the revs on with a bit of turn going straight towards the middle stump.

As it pitched in-line, Khawaja turned his head a bit having swept and missed early & tagged the front pad.

With that said, the Umpire had to put his finger up as Khawaja left via an LBW on 59.

First Innings, Part 2

Peter Handscomb came in and fired off with runs on the board before Shaun Marsh backed up his 50.

S. Marsh knows how to get the ground up and running with decent shot selection.

How does he get to his 50?

His head doesn’t move plus moving the footwork allows him to select his perfect placement and intent to control the innings.

But when Kuldeep Yadav dismissed him, the ball spun a bit straight before S.Marsh moved his head a bit and letting his bat half whack towards Mohammed Shami at the outfield.

He may have batted deep, but S.Marsh has to middle the bat to go past Shami for six.

Peter Handscomb later stayed on and backed up his 50 having played well against the spinners.

No matter his technique, Handscomb likes to keep it simple through run a ball as well as using the crease well to read the bowler & whack off the runs he’s after past the fielder.

Bhuveshwar Kumar later captured Handscomb on 73 as Australia lost their 4th wicket.

B. Kumar pitched up short and straight before Handscomb backed away and cut early straight to Shikhar Dhawan.

Final 1st Innings Score: Australia 5-288

Australia did perform not bad having remained simple and effective with their shots.

How did they get to 280?

They read the bowler well in using the space of the crease as well as waiting for the ball to come to them & use of footwork.

All three factors help perfect the placement with gentle hands as long as they don’t take the eyes off the ball.

Yes, it’s a squad doesn’t feature Steve Smith and David Warner right now.

Some wickets has fallen through poor head position & not waiting for the ball enough.

But Australia has played the safe way having not seen the tail end bat towards the end of the 1st innings.

India has bowled okay.

The spinners have done their fair share through some catches and LBWs.

But so did the seamers were at one time have attacked the stumps and hammered the change of pace.

That’s how Bhuveshnar Kumar clean bowled Aaron Finch earlier on in the 1st Innings.

However, for most of the time, Some of the balls went wide; some are no balls and gone too straight or short.

These kinds of loose balls made Shaun Marsh, Usman Khawaja & Peter Handscomb execute these cross & straight bat shots well.

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