Domestic Cricket: Match 37 of the 2018-19 Big Bash League: Adelaide Strikers v Hobart Hurricanes Match Review at Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Strikers won the bat flip and chose to bat first at their home turf of Adelaide Oval.

The home side may have fired off with runs on the board before the Hobart Hurricanes struck a wicket early.

The short ball play from Riley Meredith pitched up short and fast towards Matthew Wade’s gloves.

Jake Weatherald put his head down as he cuts early towards Jofra Archer at mid-off.

Matthew Short replaced Weatherald and opened his account with a straight drive shot for four.

Alex Carey may have survived two possible dismissals having stayed calm & increased his scorecard to 24 by the seventh over.

Though, Jofra Archer ripped the Carey-Short stand when he dismissed Matt Short on 13.

It’s another short ball play working well this time bouncing fast and straight.

Archer’s spicy scare within high speed made Short pull from the head down low.

For Short, he couldn’t find the rope without knowing where the ball is as it went straight to Ben McDermott at the deep.

Alex Carey couldn’t continue from 28 when he made a mistake slogging too early.

This time, James Faulkner had taken credit when he changed the variety to a full straight ball towards the off-stump.

Carey couldn’t time it as late as he can as well as his head not staying still.

It was the same execution mistake when Carey didn’t follow through well as Short did a while ago as Johan Botha took the catch.

1st Innings, Part 2

Jono Wells began to be aggressive with a cut shot four when he stayed still before letting his bat whack through mid-wicket.

As long as Wells employed the open bat face, that’s how he kickstarted his positive attitude in the middle.

The same went from Colin Ingram when he waited for the ball as late as he can.

Plus Ingram allowed to free his arms and connect the dots when his head controlled his crease itself as it lofted downtown for six.

Wells and Ingram continued to maintain their spot in the crease with patience over the next few overs.

But Faulkner, at last, got his 2nd wicket when he dismissed Jono Wells on 28.

Wells reached out for the lofted shot before he whacked it too early with hard hands.

As Wells grinned during the follow through, the bat power didn’t reach the rope where D’Arcy Short caught gently with both hands.

Rashid Khan went deep and cut early off the bowling of Jofra Archer as it half-whacked towards Riley Meredith’s hands near the boundary rope.

Ingram continued to keep his technique simple with the flick or yorker sweep shot.

He kept his eyes open with the head still having waited for the right time to let his bat whack the ball through the vacant mid-wicket gap.

And his innings from last night looked fearless and aggressive which conveyed how Ingram achieved his half-ton.

Ingram continued to rotate the strike such as his strike rotation of the cross & straight bat shots.

He knows how to read the bowler’s mind before Ingram used his pace and perfected the placement by dancing around the crease.

1st Innings Final Score: Adelaide Strikers 5-154

Hobart Hurricanes need 155 runs to win from 20 overs with a required rate of 7.75 runs per over.

The Opening Pair of Matthew Wade & D’Arcy Short fired off nicely with runs on the board.

Both of them kept the technique simple despite not moving much with the feet, the open bat face matters.

It provides the safe way to keep their wicket with excellent bat power at last past the fielder.

The follow through isn’t a problem at any shot as long as the head stays till & watches on the ball sail downtown.

The pair helped together achieved the 50 run partnership before Wade secured his 50 himself.

Wade knows how to read the bowler well having used his brain to dictate which ball is good or not.

When he identified the loose ball, he waited as late as he can before unleashing that loft into the stands.

That way, the intent and commitment to using his straight bat with soft hands have made Wade’s life in the middle easier.

2nd Innings, Part 2

As the Hurricanes go past 100, Wade continued to be aggressor force as the run machine.

On the other hand, Short continued to back him up before he too backed up his own 50.

Short knows how to play the spinners well as Shane Warne dubbed him a few weeks ago as the new David Warner.

Well, Short is very creative with his shot selection as he didn’t need to rush & hang in the middle.

Like Wade, Short didn’t need to move his head as well as dancing a bit to help him navigate that shot with full bat power.

And the duo’s long-running stand helped the Hurricanes reach the home stretch.

Final Score: Hobart Hurricanes 0-158 & won by ten wickets.

The Hurricanes maintained their lead spot with nine matches played, eight wins & only one loss on 16 points.

Adelaide Strikers now slip out of the semi-finals bubble in 5th behind the Sydney Thunder at eight points.

Strikers won four matches & loss five out of nine campaigns so far into the 2018-19 Big Bash Season.

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