Game 3: 2018-19 ODI Series between New Zealand v India at Bay Oval, 2nd Innings

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Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan fired off steadily with the runs for India.

It took eight overs for New Zealand to try and break this partnership.

At last, Trent Boult found a solution when he dismissed Dhawan on 28.

It’s a decent length ball pitching up nice and straight towards the off-stump.

Dhawan couldn’t keep the head still as well not moving the feet as he chipped edged to Ross Taylor at slip.

Virat Kohli who jumped in at first-drop used plenty of bottom hand to assist his placement.

He’s able to move his feet a bit closer to the ball before connecting the dots with a great eye to whack off through mid-wicket.

It’s not difficult for him to execute that backlift cover shot as long as Kohli has the open bat face and follow through.

Kohli continued to score quickfire runs while Sharma backed up his half-ton.

Sharma didn’t have to play too hard by playing a lot of safe-ground shots off the flat bat.

And he rotated his shot selection well as long as Sharma didn’t become hesitant with his footwork and head balance.

2nd Innings, Part 2

India 132-1 by the halfway stage with 112 runs needed to win this Match & Series.

Kohli backed up his 49th ODI half-ton having remained confident and calm to get through his spell in long periods.

New Zealand, at last, provided the breakthrough when Mitchell Santner dismissed Rohit Sharma on 62.

It’s a decent length pitching up in the middle before it bounced a bit towards Tom Latham’s gloves.

Sharma only swung and missed by going deep as Latham cashed in with the stumping.

Trent Boult later captured Virat Kohli on 60 thanks to the spicy short ball play.

Yes, it’s a full ball, but Kohli only reached out for the shot where he half-whacked towards Henry Nicholls hands.

Ambati Rayadu quickly scored runs from the 1st minute he came in the crease.

The same went from wicket-keeper Dinesh Karthik as India only needed 44 runs to win off 80 balls.

Karthik and Rayadu stayed on until the end of this innings having guided India on the run home with the win.

Final Score: India 245-3

India’s Take

The visitors won by seven wickets as they wrap up the Series 3-0 with two more ODI games to spare.

They knew the drill to win tonight by keeping the technique simple and the head position still.

Once they developed the two basics right, the innings became theirs when they rotated their use of shots all around the ground.

And it proved successful when they used some footwork to help navigate and whack that target which saw a few main contributors:

Rohit Sharma & Virat Kohli scored their respective half-tons.
Ambati Rayadu & Dinesh Karthik scored quickly towards the end of the match around the mid 30 to early 40 run mark.

With plenty of open bat face presentations as well as close hand-eye-coordination, India deserved to take out the win.

New Zealand’s Take

On the other hand, New Zealand looked unlucky tonight.

There’s plenty of short ball stuff involved trying to trick or make the opposition play.

But their expertise in using the cross bat shots proved too good.

New Zealand could’ve done well if they attack the stumps by adjusting the length.

That way their seamers and spinners can change the pace to make the batsman hard to whack from the stumps.

It has to be over 130-160 km/h and above from fast bowlers as well as putting up the revs straighter in spin so the Kookaburra ball can click.

Unfortunately, no special LBW or clean bowled wickets involved apart from short ball catches and one stumping.

After they lost the series, the selectors would need to look at this squad carefully.

So expect to see some chopping and changing involved if New Zealand wants to win on Thursday at Seddon Park in Hamilton.

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