2018-19 Domain Tests: Day 1 of 2nd Test Afternoon Session Review, Australia v Sri Lanka in Canberra

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It didn’t matter when Travis Head moved closer to Joe Burns’s score in the 1st Innings scoring charts.

But helping the whole team is essential as Australia recovers from an early three-wicket casualty in the morning session.

Burns didn’t rush as he took his time & backed up his 50 off 86 balls having handled the new ball well via a straight bat.

That helped Burns plant a foundation before moving onto be aggressive with his range of strikes downtown.

Not long later, Head followed Burns’s lead into a back to back 50 himself off 72 balls.

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It’s Head 5th Test 50, and 4th for this summer have come in & fired off with no fear to quickly help Australia move on the front foot.

An aggressive middle-order player, Head knew how to get the job done through managing the crease.

That way his retained head position made him comfortable to whack off decent shots closer to the ball which happened numerous times.

The Burns-Head stand helped reached 100 followed by 150 as Australia moved past the 200 run mark.

Burns went on to ease the fear of 99 before he backed up his 4th Test century off 147 balls.

Tea Day 1: Australia 3-220

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Australia’s Take

Credit to the rejuvenation of Joe Burns (107*) in the Australian Test Team as the Opener.

He came in there & stayed patient out of more than 200 minutes spent at the crease.

How did he achieve that?

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Burns knew how to rotate the strike without the need to whack too hard and maintain his shape.

That way it helped Burns navigate the right shots closer to the ball, so it provides full bat power which played a part of his big knock in Canberra.

The same went to Travis Head (91*) who also followed the same lead as Burns & batted very gently.

He knows how nervous will it be to face in the 90s which will be his first in Test Cricket.

Again, Head will continue to keep his mindset simple to whack shots down the ground so he too can get his moment before the end of today.

Sri Lanka’s Performance

It’s not easy to come by when their bowlers both seam and spin couldn’t find some luck with the ball.

The loose deliveries didn’t add some spice to help attack the stumps or make the batsman play.

Yes, it may have almost happened a couple of times.

But the fielders will need some support as they need to get ready more often.

So no point worrying about getting tingly hands each time a ball carries to his way and then misses it.

Between now and the rest of Day 1, get back to bowling straight and remain persistent.

That way Sri Lanka would probably get the breakthrough they wanted with the pace presentation needed to break into the gate.


Australia will need Travis-Head to stay on as much runs as they can preferably around 275-300 before the end of the day.

As long as they have these two not out or still have Patterson around, then they can go towards 400-450 and bring the bowlers in once they declare.

On the other hand, Sri Lanka has to go back to square one and unleash their pace under the belly.

If so, they need quick wickets to take as happened during Morning Session to get back on track.

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