2018-19 Domain Tests: Day 2 of 2nd Test Morning Session Review, Australia v Sri Lanka in Canberra

Joe Burns and Kurtis Patterson resumed duties in the middle for Australia having reached the 50 run partnership.

As Australia reached the 400 run mark, Patterson continued to score quickfire runs going into the 40s.

Though, it didn’t take long for Sri Lanka to strike back when Kasun Rajitha dismissed Burns on 180.

It’s a decent length pitching in the middle before it remained straighter and faster to make Burns chop into the stumps.

Even though it went wide, Burns only reached out for the defense or let his bat touch the ball.

Burns couldn’t believe the pace affected him dearly through poor timing and lack of footwork to stay at the crease.

However, it’s a brilliant knock to favor from Burns who steered Australia back to where they wanted in this innings.

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Tim Paine came in for Joe Burns having started steadily well with the runs on the board.

Patterson went on to secure his maiden Test 50 off 100 balls in his 2nd International Match.

Lunch Day 2: Australia 5-474

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Australia’s Take

Kurtis Patterson came in there and knew how to get the job done based on his years of experience at first-class level.

He controlled the crease nicely using his head to help him execute every shot of the book thanks to the hand-eye coordination.

Patterson didn’t have to hit too hard to make his innings work having stayed calm & used the full bat-face presentation at all times.

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It’s how Patterson hit the ground running as quick as he can in contributing a big spell amongst the middle-order players for Australia.

On the other hand, Tim Paine so far did well having played the front foot shots well.

Having played classically without losing its shape, Paine is doing everything he can to make Sri Lanka even hard to chase later on.

Sri Lanka’s Performance

Credit to Kasun Rajitha when he unleashed plenty of spice out wide to make Burns chop onto the stumps.

That’s how Sri Lanka found the breakthrough they need to get rid of Joe Burns.

Other than that, there are too many full balls falling everywhere no matter what length they threw.

Put some pace on at around 140 km/h plus from fast bowlers & throw straighter in spin by attacking the stumps.

Make them defend and not take any runs which could prove possible to retain their wicket under pressure.

It hadn’t happened a lot from the visiting team this session when Patterson & Paine held them up.


Well, it’s hard for Sri Lanka to respond in the 2nd Innings as they have to demolish the Australian 1st batting card.

Once they get in the middle, hammer the basics and play straight bat shots as much as they can to up the scoreboard.

Australia has already reached the 450-500 run mark with Patterson (74*) & Paine (28*) batting well.

At some point, the bowlers need to get ready by the end of the day, so they can quickly burn the 2nd Innings play ASAP.

For now, seeing Paine score a half-ton & Patterson get a 100 or see one them get out early would be enough for Australia to make a declaration.

So an hour after lunch or before tea would be a great time to transition into bowling and fielding.

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