2018-19 Domain Tests: Day 2 of 2nd Test Evening Session Review, Australia v Sri Lanka in Canberra

Dimuth Karunarathe and Lahiru Thirimanne continued with their run chase for Sri Lanka.

Though, Pat Cummins scorchy bouncer hit Karunarathe in the neck which saw him struck down the ground.

But Karunarathe never lost consciousness as medical staff lift him on a stretcher & immediately sent him to the hospital for check-ups.

As D. Karunarathe retired hurt on 44, Kusal Mendis came in the crease to join Thirimanne.

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Not long later, Nathan Lyon, at last, achieved the breakthrough he wanted having dismissed Thirimanne for 41.

Lyon did a great job putting the revs on pitching towards the off stumps which successfully made Thirimanne play.

Thirimanne didn’t move his feet and took the eyes off the ball as he straight edged towards Usman Khawaja at slip.

Cummins quickly pick up Australia’s 2nd wicket when he clean bowled Kusal Mendis on six.

He knew the drill when Cummins pitched up a good length, then swung in straight at high speed to enter through the gate.

It’s too easy for the bowler when Mendis panicked to get the defense forward having not known where to stop the ball.

Well, Mendis just edged and later chopped into the off-stump which quickly saw him return upstairs.

It took a while for the new band with Kusal Perera and Dinesh Chandimal to recover from the recent two-wicket fall.

But Mitchell Starc stripped this partnership when Chandimal had to leave on 15.

It’s a bouncy short ball play pitching high and fast before Chandimal ducked & took his focus away from his eyes & body.

The ball tagged Chandimal’s gloves as it carried to Tim Paine with Sri Lanka had their top order armor diminished.

Stumps Day 2: Sri Lanka 3-123 & Trails by 411 Runs

Sri Lanka’s Feedback

Sri Lanka may have retained its gentle approach of batting straight after tea.

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But the sudden injury from D.Karunarathe has quickly had its dominos collapsed.

So much hesitation involved having lost its shape where they couldn’t navigate to whack off downtown.

It’s the lack of head focus and footwork movement that made the visitors suffer towards the end of the day.

They have to move on and focus on upping the scoreboard as D. Karunarathe recovers in the hospital right now.

Defend or attack forward and back to execute closer towards the ball is the way to go.

The more they keep the technique simple, the better will it be to build a significant partnership.

Otherwise, it’ll be the same old mistakes from the 1st Test as Sri Lanka still needs to catch up in this Test.

Australia’s Take

Initially, the quicks struggled to attack the stumps with deliveries going too full or short.

But the change of strategy towards spin helped achieved its breakthrough thanks to Nathan Lyon.

That way Lyon puts the revs on towards the middle before Thirimanne struggled to execute from the stumps.

It’s how you get wickets when Lyon gets to make the Kookaburra ball click straighter and faster for Thirimanne to edge straight to Khawaja.

The same goes to Pat Cummins who bowled a scorching jaffa and crashed straight into the off-stump.

Mendis didn’t know what went on to handle the excellent ball thinking it’s okay to blink and defend.

The batsman controlled so little to block off without defending forward to stop the ball under pressure which proved too easy for Cummins.

And at last, Mitchell Starc who’s very active with the big bouncer as Chandimal lost his shape.

It may not be attacking the stumps.

But Starc at least is putting the revs on under his belly so he can get his wicket too.


Kusal Perera (11) & Dhananjaya De Silva (1) remain in the middle for Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, Australia has three bowlers that shared a wicket apiece with the likes of:

  • Mitchell Starc, 1-32
  • Pat Cummins, 1-25
  • Nathan Lyon, 1-40

For now, Day 2 of the 2nd Test between Australia v Sri Lanka has completed at Manuka Oval in Canberra.

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