2020 Super Rugby AU: Selecting the Top 3 performers with the Reds & Waratahs players combined

by Sports Benches

Image Reference: Kgbo via Wikipedia, 20/10/18, CC BY 4.0

Tonight’s game at Suncorp Stadium belongs to the Reds who beat the Waratahs, 32-26.

The first 30 mins went the Reds way as both teams have experienced defensive issues.

The constant penalty goals from the Waratahs may have got their breakthrough with the 2nd big score later on.

But the defense let them down as a series of lost penalties saw the Reds fight back and hold on in the end.

In this post, we select the Top 3 players from both teams combined based on their efforts from start to finish.

Let’s find out.

Tate McDermott

He has changed the game for most of the time in the No.9 shirt for the Reds tonight.

The clean-outs, passing, running, waiting, and orchestrating to spread out wide allowed McDermott to help sort out his troops together.

That way, it did help execute a few tries on the run home, including one himself having read the Waratahs’ weaknesses with the scrummaging & defensive play.

Oh boy, he looked so quick to react when the referee gave the green light to tap & go and look at him when he pulled off in the end, the touch-down.

Will Harrison

Whatever angle or distance he’s in, His kicking power is an ideal machine for the whole time tonight.

His presence aided the Waratahs controlled the last 10 mins of the first half as well as most of the 2nd half.

It may have benefitted his attacking prowess, which helped Jack Maddocks secure the Waratahs’ 2nd TRY off the Lachie Swinton short ball.

Unfortunately, the poor support from the blue team’s forwards mainly defensively has let Will Harrison and his backline troops down.

James O’Connor

He helped out Filipo Daugunu complete the finishing for them earlier on via the successful guidance from Tate McDermott.

Also, he had the opportunity to finish off the game nicely after two unsuccessful penalty kicks from Bryce Hegarty.

Unlike Hegarty, O’Connor safety led the Reds on the run home with two late excellent penalty goals between the sticks.

So his added experience both at domestic and international level as well as a vocal mentor of his young guns sees a reason why he is integral to the Queensland Reds side.

Final Thoughts

The mix of youth and experience in the backline makes things count for the men in Maroon.

The patience in the build-up attack from Tate McDermott allowed his troops to naturally execute on the run home that helped him demonstrate his natural game in earning big rewards.

O’Connor’s versatility with his leadership, playmaking skills, and kicking proved a point in the end as to why the Reds can have a successful 2020 season if they continue to play like this going into Melbourne next week.

And for the Waratahs, Will Harrison needs support.

What he wants to demonstrate his overall best in the No.10 shirt is not just the kicking but also contributing as O’Connor does like the running as well as lining up his backline buddies to get ready and tear up the defense.

Thanks to the most penalties lost tonight, there’s wasn’t a lot of attacking opportunities that left the backline isolated in the end and make mistakes in the defense.

So the Waratahs have a week to rectify these problems before they host the Western Force at the Sydney Cricket Ground next Saturday.

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