2020 Super Rugby Aotearoa: Chiefs v Hurricanes, Round 4 Debrief

Today’s meeting at FMG Stadium in Waitako showcases a 2nd chance for both the Hurricanes & Chiefs after not having much luck recently.

But only one team has to come out on top in week 4 of Super Rugby NZ.

The Hurricanes easily won the first 40 thanks to a patient set up in the attack.

With a group of talented stars at their disposal, it allowed a mix of forwards & backline working together, which earned their two tries.

At the same time, the Chiefs made a few mistakes in the defense, having lost penalties.

Despite successful penalty goals from Damian McKenzie, his backline support offered no threat in the final third, which saw their forwards unprotected.

On the run home towards the final siren, nothing much has changed from either side.

The Hurricanes continued to demonstrate their attacking prowess on the final third while the Chiefs make more defensive and hold up mistakes.

Despite having to lose ten men at one point combined with the Chiefs two late tries, the Hurricanes still held on with the win by seven points, 18-25.

At last, the Hurricanes have displayed plenty of talent, both attack, and defense.

So at last, a win to savor from the men in Wellington.

For the Chiefs, they may have turned a corner in the last 10-20 minutes of the afternoon.

But a lot of errors beforehand did not compensate their last-minute bid to hijack the Hurricanes’ winning journey.

They will have to enter the week-long break without a win as we go into Week 5 of 10 in 2020 Super Rugby Aotearoa.

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