2020 Super Rugby Aotearoa: Top 3 performers combined with the Crusaders & Blues players

by Sports Benches

Image Reference: Geof Wilson via Wikipedia, 12/7/12, CC BY 2.0

The first 40 narrowly saw the Blues hold on the lead despite the goalkicking threat via the lost penalties.

In the end, the lost momentum from the Blues via the conceded penalties led to a tough night defending and less attacking with the Crusaders still undefeated.

Now, it’s time to unveil the three best players combined with the Crusaders and Blues from last night’s impressive run at Orangetheory Stadium in Christchurch.

First up, Richie Mo’ unga.

Not only he warned the Blues late in the first half via two penalty goals.

Don’t forget he has made a few more successful kicks between the stick except that lone missed attempt with nine minutes to go.

But he demonstrated more just his usual kicking finesse when it comes to the playmaking side of things.

The successful build-up in the attack and capitalization of the Blues’ mistakes supported Mo’ unga’s ability to create short balls.

It benefitted the support system around him in the backline where his assists saw scrum-half Mitch Drummond and full-back/winger Will Jordan each score two late tries.

Second up, Finlay Christie.

His orchestrating with the scrummaging looked good in the first 40.

Having past the first test, he helped spread out wide and ask his backline troops to get the job done after spotting some space where Mark Talea first touched down with the TRY.

He may have repeated the same trick when Christie capitalized on the Crusaders’ lost penalty via the poor scrummaging with the quick tap & go.

And that helped him complete another attacking display on the far left when he let the Ioane brothers do the quick ball & finish on the opposition danger area.

Unfortunately, the continued lost penalties via the obstruction + fumbles in the last 20 minutes of the night have contributed more to trying to tighten the defense or overturn the scrummaging.

Neither of these attempts didn’t work, which limited Christie’s unpacking to make more opportunities to his backline troops & silence the Crusaders.

And lastly, Will Jordan.

He’s an absolute force either at wing or full-back position.

The added momentum the Crusaders capitalized on the poor Blues’ discipline, and defense in the last 20 created plenty of opportunities to get the job done.

Mitch Drummond may be one of the first two key attacking men in creating the first feed as Jordan had to go for a while for a concussion test.

But whenever he comes on the field, Jordan stands out the most of this Crusaders backline.

The No.9 & 10 combinations of Drummond & Mo’ unga spreading out wide helped him fulfill his potential in the final third.

The added physicality, such as the pace and power when Jordan touched down, blew the Blues’ defense away in pieces that excite the home crowd.

Congratulations to all three players who stood out from last night regardless of which jersey you wear.

The Crusaders take a break starting from tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Blues will look to bounce back when they go to Sky Stadium in Wellington on Saturday night v the Hurricanes.

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