2020 Super Rugby AU: Top 3 performers combined with the Waratahs & Western Force players

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We look back at the Top 3 performers combined with the Waratahs & Force players based on last night’s run at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The first 40 may have smoothly gone the Western Force’s way.

But the lack of discipline in lost penalties saw a revival of momentum from the Waratahs in the last 50 minutes that signaled the night as winners.

Let’s start with Ian Prior.

He demonstrated his all-around abilities in the No.9 shirt, such as the kicking, having snatched up a few penalty goals.

Also, Prior knows how to call on his troops, which demonstrates his valuable leadership for the Western Australia based side.

One example of Prior guiding his troops is when he called out to have the finishing right on the far right-hand side.

From there, he sets up Jono Lance with the quick, short passes before Byron Ralston unleashed straight to the Waratahs’ danger zone with the TRY.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do more of that in the 2nd half where the forwards’ ill-discipline in lost penalties saw the backline isolated in defense that ultimately lost the match.

Next up, Michael Hooper.

He’s a superior force in both attack and defense, having assisted in building set phases, running around, and guiding his troops.

Plus, he helped out win turnovers too where his muscly strength became the behind the scenes look of how the Force lost its way in the last 10 minutes of the 1st half which carried on ever since.

So credit to Hooper on sorting out his forwards department where the much-needed support helped Angus Bell & Tom Staniforth score tries tonight.

Ranging from the running, talking, tackling and defending, Hooper is the complete package that is important to both club and country.

And finally, Tom Staniforth.

When he came on, he pretty much changed the game around for the rest of the night.

Thanks to the support of Michael Hooper, it helped Staniforth unpack his forwards strength in a way that tore the opposition defense one by one via the set phases.

With enough patience via the successful passages of play, Staniforth observed very well on the run home.

He saw that little gap that the Force couldn’t fill where there weren’t aware of and jumped down low, which validated the Waratahs’ match status as the winners.

So congratulations to all three players that done well last night regardless of which team you play.

The Force now head to Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on Friday when they face the undefeated Queensland Reds.

Meanwhile, the Waratahs host the returning Brumbies at ANZ Stadium in Homebush on Saturday.

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