2020 Super Rugby AU, Week 2: NSW Waratahs v Western Force Game Debrief

Image Reference: Michael Coghlan via Wikipedia, 5/5/12, CC BY 2.0

Most of the time, it’s the Western Force that won the first half of the night.

They built a few solid phases successfully, having exposed the Waratahs’ mistakes in the defense that won penalties & assisted Ian Prior with the successful penalty goals.

Beyond that, the Force remained patient with the close link-up from Prior & No.10 Jono Lance, where they called out for help on the right-wing.

It worked out successfully with a few successful short balls on the way before Byron Ralston pulled off with the first touch down.

Despite some defensive mistakes earlier on, the Waratahs’ attacking play remains matched with the Force in the last ten minutes before the break.

The home team sorted out with the successful throw-in combined with the maul that left them a few meters short before Ned Hedigan spotted that small space via the quick feed.

And that helped Angus Bell bounce back for the men in sky blue.

The Waratahs continued to build their momentum in the 2nd half with fantastic work from their forwards that saw the Force go offside & from there, Will Harrison cashed in the penalty goal.

And nothing significant has changed for the Force on the run towards the final siren.

They continued to lose penalties and make defensive mistakes that left the backline down with a lack of support as the Waratahs capitalized on its successful finishing.

It ranges from a continuous penalty kicking spree with Will Harrison to their forwards’ unleashing that combination of muscle power and pace, which bulldozed the opposition brick by brick.

Tom Staniforth benefitted from the Waratahs’ forwards support system, where his patience and observation saw him touched down that helped the home team put in front of the Force & hold on until the end with the win by nine points, 23-14.

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