2020 Super Rugby Aotearoa, Week 7: Top 3 overall players combined with the Crusaders v Hurricanes

by Sports Benches

Image Reference: Geof Wilson via Wikipedia, 12/7/12, CC BY 2.0

Last night’s clash at Orangetheory Stadium looked to be an absolute cracker of a game in Week 7 of Super Rugby Aoteroa.

The Crusaders attacking style of play remained unchanged, but it’s the behind the scenes disciplinary issues with the forwards let them down where the Hurricanes won 34-32.

Now before we move on to watch the Blues v Chiefs at Eden Park, let’s see our three best performers combining both teams.

First up, Wes Goosen.

He bagged two tries himself in the first 40.

When the backline support around Goosen spotted some space out wide, Goosen looked ready to execute it on the run home.

And it proved possible for him to unpack the pace having carried the ball well after the quick passes that the Crusaders’ defense could not cling on due to their disciplinary mistakes.

It gave plenty of momentum to keep that attacking masterclass ticking, especially early in the 2nd half, when he shielded Peter Umaga-Jensen on the far-right just in case if he needs help.

Although, Umaga-Jensen got that TRY himself even though the running couldn’t stop the opposition dummies from dragging him out of the pitch.

But that communication of Umaga-Jensen and Goosen working together and unpack things in the attack helped relieve the pressure of Jordie Barrett’s kicking spree between the sticks.

So does their forwards’ where they created every chance to stuff up the opposition structure via the build-up play.

Joining Goosen, it’s Asafo Aumua.

He can stuff up the opposition build-up attack having seen the Hurricanes win penalties & looked after his forwards’ troops the whole night.

In return, his line-outs via the throw-in and using the physical muscle to build up the attack made the backline life more comfortable with the passing & pace that saw them score a few tries.

Any attacking opposition you’re trying to complete the attack will go through Aumua first & when he meets you, he will ruin the structure that will become impatient to recover.

Again as said earlier with Wes Goosen, it benefitted the maximum chances possible to capitalize on the opposition mistakes & make it payback to finish the successful attack via maximum points cashed in.

At last, Sevu Reece.

His passing and visionary in spotting the gap out wide on the far left that became the catalyst of the Crusaders 2nd TRY with George Bridge.

The communication through the channels unleashed both Reece and Bridge’s pace on the final third & with nearly no opposition half support to cover, it devastated them.

Late in the 2nd half, Reece may have struck the late TRY via the playmaking assist from Richie Mo’ unga that again knocked down the Hurricanes’ territory.

Despite being patient in the set phases that unpacked each element in the attacking mindset, it is the defensive discipline that let Reece down in the end.

No matter how close they could not catch up, he needs support from the forwards to fix up the mistakes that saw them ship away points.

That way, Reece, Mo’ unga, and his backline troops can do their best under pressure next time around.

Next Saturday, the Chiefs host the Crusaders at FMG Stadium in Waikato.

We’ll wait and see how the winless Chiefs go against the recently out of form Blues a little later today.

The Hurricanes will get the week-long off starting tomorrow before they host the Chiefs at Sky Stadium in Wellington during Week 9.

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