2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Week 1: Giants v Swifts Game Debrief

by Sports Benches

Initially, both the Giants and Swifts each have a balanced attack 17-17 by the end of Stage 1.

Yes, the Swifts’ have scored vital points.

But struggling to get past Sam Poolman in GK oversaw a few failed attempts into the goal.

It led to some ill-discipline along the way where Giants have the upper hand that left some square pegs defensively.

The communication between Caitlin Bassett and Joan Harten with the support passage of play and visionary made a fantastic difference up front, especially the last five minutes before the break.

HALF-TIME: Giants 33-28 Swifts

The Swifts’ attacking play remained unchanged and have regained the lead (49-46) towards Stage 4.

It’s the last five minutes of the third Stage that changed Sam Wallace’s game.

Not only she usually shoots from close range, but she used the immunity well from the circle to add two-point goals.

Wallace’s presence has split the Giants defense into pieces where they’ve picked up a few mistakes with the ill-discipline.

Though the Giants’ attack still maintains that structure where they fired off earlier in the match.

In the end, the Swifts continued its attacking masterclass, having pulled away from the scoreline lead.

And that’s how the Swifts turned around in the 2nd half by a close margin of two points.

FULL-TIME: Giants 61-63 Swifts

For the Giants, unfortunately, it’s the ill-discipline that has left them down.

Yes, as said earlier, their attack has matched the opposition.

But the leaky goals in the last Stage defensively saw the Giants fall short.

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