2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Week 1: Top 3 best overall performers combined from the Firebirds v Lightning Clash

It’s been a long time that it finally came after the unexpected hold up of COVID-19.

Anyway, let’s move immediately to the action, and the Firebirds have started well.

But the Lightning spotted the opposition’s defensive and disciplinary errors that saw them win the opening round by the end of Stage 4.

Now it’s time to pick the three best players out of this afternoon’s season opener in the 2020 Suncorp Super Netball.

Steph Wood

Wood played such an all-rounder this afternoon for the Lightning.

In the attack, she did at least add plenty of valuable points such as the Rebel Fast 5 two-point format and the Suncorp Super Shot, especially from the circle.

Also, she read the pass with some support to Cara Koenen with the finishing.

Initially, when the Lightning fell behind, Koenen did struggle to get the shot accurate nor crack inside the circle as the opposition led by Gabi Simpson got into the way.

But with the last half uptick in the momentum, she and Koenen worked together in finding some space and expose the opposition defensive mistakes.

And that helped the duo pick up maximum points possible in the end with the win for the Sunshine Coast Lightning.

Cara Koenen

Koenen is the other finishing force of Steph Wood on the Lightning side.

When Wood or Laura Scherian struggled to break inside the circle earlier on, she may have missed the net at times.

But when finding out about the Firebirds’ lack of discipline defensively, that’s where the moment when the Lightning found their groove to bounce back.

And that’s how Wood and Koenen got their way of getting around them and shoot for maximum points as possible.

The communication between them in the final third went so well for the Lightning, which relieved the pressure for Koenen.

They were just close with two points behind before half-time & from then; they pulled off the big lead using the immunities as a gift on the run home.

Gabi Simpson

Thanks to the Firebirds’ strong start, she did shield against the opposition forwards and, at times, made them struggle to hit the net.

Everyone may have raved about her fantastic marking with that catch in the 2nd quarter.

But in the last half of the match, it’s just the ill-discipline that let Gabi down.

It made the Firebirds defense fail to arrest the Lightning’s comeback that saw them win the opening game of the season.

So next week, Simpson would need help more from her backline to stuff up the opposition set up attack.

That way, it will let Mahalia Cassidy feed her way to the forwards more often as they did in the opening two quarters.

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