2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 3: Top 3 overall players from tonight’s Firebirds v Magpies game

Once again, it’s another cracking game to see out Tuesday night netball during Round 3 of this year’s condensed Netball season.

The Queensland Firebirds have fired off well, and so does the Collingwood Magpies.

But despite scoring goals and displaying some good deflections, it’s the ill-discipline, and better communication from the Magpies in the defense saw them slip away the win in the last quarter.

Now it’s time to judge the Top 3 overall players.

Molly Jovic

For the whole game tonight, Jovic controlled her Magpies’ side both in the wing defense and the middle of the court.

In a back three trio of Jovic, Geva Mentor, and Jodi Ann Ward, the communication built at the start aided the Magpies upfront with Gabi Sinclair and Shimona Nelson providing the shots.

Initially, the first half didn’t go their way, so Jovic’s switch in the center eventually helped her control in the middle.

Eventually, it paid off in not only transferring her defensive abilities to shield the back three.

But also express her attacking awareness with the passing and support to her frontline pals going forward.

Geva Mentor

She may have conceded goals earlier during the first two quarters from Romelda Aiken and Tippah Dwan.

But the last half of the night saw her communicate with Jodi Ann Ward more often.

That’s when they’re both able to prevent the Firebirds from scoring goals and use the best strengths via the tall reach & deflecting it when the opposition half struggles to finish with no support.

It made them gain that ill-discipline to turn with the ball and help Molly Jovic find support further where the Magpies scored 30 points in the last two quarters to win tonight’s match.

Kim Jenner

She can stuff up the Magpies attack with the jumping, reach, and visionary utilized to protect Tara Hinchcliffe in GK.

And even when she filled in at GK later in the game, she exited her circle whenever her defenders struggle to shield the opposition.

It helped reset and capitalize possession for the Firebirds towards Mahalia Cassidy in the center to complete the build-up play.

Jenner can be a nightmare for opposition attackers defensively, which demonstrates her all-round ability.

It’s the ill-discipline behind it that eventually saw the Firebirds run out of gas during the last half of the night.

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