2020 Suncorp Super Netball Round 3: NSW Swifts v Adelaide Thunderbirds Game Debrief

The NSW Swifts fired off nicely in the opening quarter against the Adelaide Thunderbirds, 18-10.

The back three led by Sarah Klau, Lauren Moore, and Sophie Craig kept the Thunderbirds frontline quiet.

It led to fantastic opportunities for the Swifts to capitalize on the goals needed to stay ahead.

No doubt about the Thunderbirds shooting for points as well, but the disciplinary has to be sharper.

The second quarter saw improvements of the Thunderbirds in defense thanks to Maisie Nankivell in WD.,

Having noticed the Swifts’ errors at the back helped the Thunderbirds shoot 13 goals compared to 10 from last time.

But they’re still 12 points behind the Swifts at half-time (23-25) who continued to maintain their momentum upfront.

With the addition of Sarah Glasgow at times, Adelaide Thunderbirds gave the Swifts some shivers in defense.

They’re still not out of the running yet going into the final fifteen minutes of the game (35-47).

And still wary of the Swifts’ attacking edge that still maintained its structure thanks to the communication with Sam Wallace upfront.

In the end, the Swifts’ attacking momentum proved too hard for the Thunderbirds to catch up despite some defensive displays.

The ill-discipline and lack of sharp finishing cost them the game by 15 points.

FULL-TIME: NSW Swifts 66-51 Adelaide Thunderbirds

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