The Rebels may have the early lead via the penalty goal,

But most of the night goes to the Queensland Reds on home soil at Suncorp Stadium.

The strong blocks prevented the Rebels unpacking their attributes on the final third.

And that’s when the Reds managed to score three big scores that kept their finals hopes alive.

Fraser McWright

He’s outstanding in the Reds’ forward pack for most of the time that left the Rebels finishing frustrated.

The physicality behind it helped McWright control the possession knowing the opposition can’t continue building set phases.

And it came at the right time for him to capitalize on their errors without the support.

McWright can be an attacking force, where he can reduce the pressure for the backline to unpack their finishing on the final third & win those opportunities via the big scores.

Again, the Same physicality to eat each meter from the opposite end also has some pace.

Overall, outstanding work from the Reds No.7 both tightened the defense and gave backline support via the build-up play.

Tate McDermott

He looked after the scrum and build-up play nicely for most of the time in the No.9 shirt.

Credit to the Reds’ forward pack uses the best strengths of their physciality to get the job done in digging the Rebels hole which benefits McDermott with his ideas going forward.

The passing, visionary, and speed he possesses put in line with the backline to get the job done.

Again, the support is critical for the Reds to run through the channels into space via the vast areas.

It became the catalyst behind the three big scores especially during one time midway in the first 40 when McDemott ensured Jock Campbell to get ready and unleash through the gate which did work.

Pone Fa’amasulli

Out of the best players in a losing side, you got to look out for Pone Fa’amasulli.

Like McWright, even at tighthead prop, did the hard yards defensively, helping the Rebels win penalties.

Plus, Fa’amasulli has that attacking edge both in unpacking the physicality and the pace.

Unfortunately, the lack of finishing from the backline couldn’t match the Reds attacking awareness that has to be there the whole night.

It has let him down where Fa’amasulli and his forward troops done the build-up play at the start.

And poor communication for the backline to fire up and split the Reds opposition area at least a touchdown or two to bounce back.

What’s next?

Now that Week 7 of Super Rugby AU is over, we got three weeks of round-robin play.

Queensland Reds will only take a short trip to Robina Stadium on the Gold Coast on Friday v the Western Force.

The Waratahs travel to GIO Stadium in Canberra v the Brumbies next Saturday.

And the Rebels take the week-long off.

For the Melbourne-based side, they’re hoping one or two top three sides sitting right now lose the next few games.

That way the Rebels have the opportunity against the Waratahs and Western Force to finish off on a high.

They’ve beaten those two a few weeks ago.

And sure they can do that again not just the wins alone but also see other results go their way.

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