2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 5: Top 3 players from the Queensland Firebirds v NSW Swifts Game

Helen Housby

She’s played an absolute blinder for the NSW Swifts tonight.

The communication with Sam Wallace upfront helped fired off the momentum needed earlier on.

Even though the first quarter was slow and steady, the Firebirds’ struggles with the finishing gave the Swifts opportunity to defend & restart their build-up play from scratch.

It gave impressive returns for the Swifts to capitalize on their mistakes.

And the feed supplied from Maddy Proud, Paige Hadley & Tayla Fraser unleashed Housby to unpack her quick movements via the running and passing left, right and center.

That final third passage of play via the channels naturally flows into the net.

What’s even better about Housby’s game is that she can shoot from long-range into space outside the circle where her masterclass and all-around play helped the NSW Swifts’ win tonight.

Maddy Proud

Behind the player who assists the Swifts fantastic final third play tonight is Maddy Proud.

With the feed coming from Paige Hadley & Tayla Fraser, it allows her to navigate and identify the strengths of what the Firebirds is trying to do to turn down the Swifts build-up play.

And the key is for Proud to stay in line with them when running around & use the vast areas of the court that tricks the Firebirds.

That way, the possession keeps going the Swifts way, and it benefitted her on assisting Housby and Wallace with the finish.

It helped the Swifts pull away from the lead that grew larger later on, which won the second and final quarter.

Her assist skill set in a front three at wing attack alongside Helen Housby and Sam Wallace made it to this list tonight.

Romelda Aiken

Aiken fired off in the attack with Tippah Dwan with an excellent base for the Firebirds in the first quarter.

Yes, her tall reach & physicality has frustrated the Swifts into the net.

However, behind the scenes over the weak disciplinary and defensive side has let her down.

When each goal that the Firebirds lost, the pressure heats up to fight back where the finishing isn’t there at times.

And that hurt the Firebirds’ momentum going into the last half of the night.

Next time, Aiken will need more support from the players behind her so the Firebirds performance can match what the Swifts did.

Using the vast areas and cross with quick passes into space can help Aiken fully finish into the net more often.

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