2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 5: Top 3 players from the West Coast Fever v Melbourne Vixens Game

Tegan Phillip

She got off to a great start at goal attack for the Vixens thanks to a Vixens strong backline.

The attacking front two alongside her with Liz Watson and Caitlin Thwaites communicated closely.

It unpacked some fantastic passes and observations into space, combined with the pace needed.

Fortunately, that plan worked when Thwaites barely missed a shot into the net & read the Fever’s mistakes at the back.

That includes the two-point immunity, which can put the pressure back into the Fever’s half.

Phillip used her eye-coordination best, knowing when it’s good to shoot after the opposition struggles to block into space.

And at the right time, Phillip activated her physical strength via the arms into the net even from long range just outside the circle.

Kate Maloney

Like the Vixens fired off with their defensive play, it helped her control the middle of the court.

Maloney’s able to track down the attacking front three with her all-round attributes.

That way, it did stab the Fever in the back while finding some support further afield.

It benefitted Maloney’s game when she found some space and called Liz Watson & Tegan Phillip to help execute themselves & Caitlin Thwaites in the final third.

And it provided a healthy momentum for the Vixens to stay ahead and stamp up on the run home with the win.

At one point going midway during the game, Maloney did come off to have her ankle checked so she can remain stable in the end.

And she did come back just in time for the last two quarters as one of the key Vixens’ stars where her performance remained unchanged as it was earlier.

Maloney pretty much benefitted from the rolling subs, and her fellow front three credits her presence in the middle with the opposition half’s mistakes that gave them opportunities to get the job done.

Courtney Bruce

When Bruce came for Olivia Lewis, she did help the Fever improve their backline defensively.

Her reach and the way she runs at times can stuff up the Vixens attack.

It gave the Fever opportunities to build up sort things out via the build-up play, which did gift crucial points.

Unfortunately, the Fever’s poor start where they fell behind the scoreboard lead & some lost penalties have left Bruce down.

When things like this happen, it gave the Vixens the chance to capitalize on it.

And you can’t fault Caitlin Thwaites with her added experience & impressive physicality into the goal.

It can be a nightmare for defenders, so Bruce needs support & secure communication to stop letting this happen next time to make them create errors that any winning team can do from A to Z.

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