2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 6: Top 3 players from the NSW Swifts v Collingwood Magpies game

Nat Haythornthwaite became a brilliant operator in the Swifts front three this afternoon.

She has to communicate with Helen Housby and Sam Wallace (later Sophie Garbin) throughout each quarter.

It’s essential to keep that way unpacking some passes & running into some space using the court’s width.

And it made the Magpies hard to interrupt their build-up play with the maximum points needed into the net possible.

Despite falling behind a bit in the first quarter, the best part for most of the afternoon is Garbin’s addition helping out later on for Wallace and shifting netting machine Housby upfront at GS.

That’s when the Swifts knew Haythornthwaite and Housby’s best strengths that helped them jump ahead of the Magpies and stay there as winners for the rest of the game.

Sarah Klau

Another influence behind the Swifts’ win against the Magpies today is Sarah Klau.

She’s solid as a rock at the goalkeeper position.

Her presence with the footwork, tall reach, and jumping around made the Magpies hard to shoot via the finishing side.

It gave opportunities for the Swifts to restart their build-up play via the channels that successfully capitalized with the points added.

Fortunately, it kept the momentum going for her fellow defenders to get ready and seek cover to reduce Klau’s workload.

Klau’s techniques at GK can frustrate any opposition front line without any support targets reached out.

Gabby Sinclair

It’s hard to be in a losing team even if it’s just a small margin for the Magpies.

But if you look at one of the best players overall today, then look out for Gabby Sinclair.

She used the two-point immunity well within the Suncorp Super shot circle area via the Rebel Power 5 thanks to her long-range accuracy.

The physicality benefitted Sinclair with the much-needed points and the pace to go around and find some support.

Unfortunately, even though the goals are there, it’s just a lack of finishing where there are gaps between the opposition defenders to take away the Magpies possession.

It made Shimona Nelson hard to overcome Sarah Klau earlier or unable to find some support at times.

Despite Emma Ryde scoring plenty of goals to catch up for the Magpies, it’s too late, and some of the ill-discipline conceded have held them back in the end.

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