2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 7: Top 3 players from the Giants v Firebirds Game

Jo Harten is such a fantastic player both as skipper and star shooter upfront for the Giants last night.

She possesses excellent skill with the accuracy of the net using the physicality there to fire off, whether at goal attack or goal shooter.

The link-up play and communication around her, such as Caitlin Bassett, Kiera Austin, Maddy Hay, and Jamie Lee-Price, worked brilliantly around the court.

Thanks to the Firebirds’ struggles in defense as well as a lack of finishing.

Again, when the Giants take the time out, Harten’s voice is vocal as it’s unfinished business to get the job done and take over the scoreboard lead.

Eventually, all these ingredients Harten unpacked for the rest of the night guided the Giants inside the winning zone and blocked the Firebirds’ opportunity to bounce back in the end.

Without Harten, this kind of work would’ve slipped away the momentum going into the 2nd half so well done to her in a fantastic display.

Amy Parmenter

She’s solid as a rock in the Giants’ back three at wing defense.

The physicality builds she brings on the court with the running, reach, and blocking helped the Firebirds struggle to find some support in the final third.

If you’re an opposition front three trying to seek your players there, then going through the likes of Amy Parmenter is difficult should the execution not end up successful.

Parmenter has the reading to know what the Firebirds is trying to do in not going through the gate for either Tippah Dwan and Romelda Aiken to shoot into goal.

And Parmenter marked them well to ensure they don’t the Giants lose points as well as a big lead which gives time for her side to catch up and capitalize on the best finish possible.

Parmenter is sure to have taken a leaf from the vocal encouragement of skipper Jo Harten to read what the Firebirds’ weaknesses are.

And from there, take advantage of them so Harten can call herself & her attacking peers to finish it.

Romelda Aiken

She continues to be a decent threat upfront for the Firebirds with brilliant accuracy and physical muscle using the hand-eye coordination to get into the goal.

It helped fire back the pressure to the Giants’ opposition with the number of points gained to try and stay ahead as much as possible.

However, the lack of support players around her, especially in the defense, saw the Firebirds forwards struggle to find Aiken.

Unfortunately, they didn’t take their time correctly to pass and instead hesitated when the possession at times went the Giants way, which ultimately turned out to be a last-minute loss.

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