2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 7: Top 3 players from the NSW Swifts v Sunshine Coast Lightning Game

Sarah Klau controlled the Swifts’ backline the best she can be to deny the opposition from scoring tonight.

Her guidance looked key to asking her back two to keep alert and read what the Lightning’s weaknesses.

And Klau managed to make this tactic work when the Lightning struggled to find support or finish upfront.

Klau deflected it using her tall reach, visionary, and the pace to go the Swifts’ end.

It helped them win possession where they won the 2nd half that at last pulled a few points apart as the winners.

When the momentum struck down with no support bodies around them, overcoming a GK like Klau can be a daunting task to protect her defenders in which her physicality & skill are such an asset to stuff up their attack.

Paige Hadley

She played such an all-round contributor tonight at Wing Defense and Center.

At the start, Hadley’s defensive skills are sound when the Lightning struggled to find some support into space, Hadley read that well to deny their set phases and win possession for the Swifts.

Later on, when Hadley moved to the center, she moved freely using the court’s width.

The link-up play is brilliant by running around & feeds towards her attackers to finish up front and continues to utilize her defensive skills by protecting the Swifts’ back three.

Overall, the Swifts used her well to identify the best strengths are & use it to the best of Hadley’s ability.

You got to credit Paige Hadley on her versatility that made the Lightning tough to bounce back in the final two quarters.

Laura Scherian

Earlier on, Laura Scherian was behind the brilliant gift that helped the Lightning fire off.

The communication from recently retired Silver Fern Laura Langman in the middle allowed Scherian to link up her front two.

And it looked important for the likes of Cara Koenen and Steph Wood to focus on netting it in.

However, the robust defense from the Swifts stuffed up the Lightning finishing.

It caused plenty of pressure back to their defenders where they couldn’t arrest lost points & found it hard to catch up.

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