Will Miller played such an all-rounder for the Brumbies.

He can guide his troops to protect his forwards defensively and use the physicality to stuff the Western Force attack.

It read well to find that the Force doesn’t have the support men to finish it off.

And in turn, Miller unpacked his attacking capabilities with the build-up play that links his backline to do the finishing, especially one of the 1st touchdown in the 31st minute where he gifted Tom Wright with plenty of space on the far-left.

In the 2nd half, Miller kept his momentum again, noticing the Force’s lack of finishing.

Close communication is essential when Lachie McCaffrey took advantage of their poor maul, which didn’t stay straight with square pegs despite decent work defensively from the forwards that lost penalties.

Miller managed to make up lost time when he navigated that build-up play via some room through the channels and fired back with a touchdown himself.

Then he oversaw another Force weakness with a lack of support and strength via the scrummaging/maul that identified his forwards to link up the Brumbies backline & exploded their half, which happened quite often to win tonight’s match.

His leadership, visionary, physicality both in attack and defense made sure that the Brumbies are on the right track, and you got to credit Will Miller for his hard work.

Andy Muirhead

He’s a decent threat in a powerhouse Brumbies backline.

The support channels built around Muirhead benefitted his natural game.

It helped get the best out of Tom Wright in the other flank with his first touchdown and Tom Banks a little later that put the Brumbies ahead by half-time.

Although, Muirhead may be denied a touchdown himself in the first half due to an obstruction from Joe Powell.

However, his attacking instincts proved sensational.

As said a bit earlier, the mantra he brings to the Brumbies influences his fellow backline to get the job done via the passage of play.

He likes to run into space after reading the Force’s weaknesses from their defensive half thanks to the build-up play’s communication.

The link from the forwards eating the inch of the Force’s territory through set phases helps Irae Simone, Tom Banks & Tom Wright unlock Muirhead’s best strengths.

One of these fantastic moments came during late in the 2nd half when Simone cross-kick into the small gap on the run home & Muirhead tapped it first that turned out to be a touchdown.

Overall, you can’t get over a speedy winger like Muirhead, who can give these forwards nightmares when the lack of support maintain the possession correctly.

Fergus Lee-Warner

I’d say he’s the best out of a losing side for the Western Force.

He helped them fire off nicely with a brilliant defense and build-up play.

The communication with Ian Prior via the feeds helped the Force win penalties where one of which converted to a TRY thanks to the work from Fergus Lee-Warner.

It helped the Force stay ahead for most of the first 40 before momentum went downhill ever since.

The lack of finishing from the backline left a half-decent forward pack that can win the match alone, which isn’t the case to leave them hanging tight under pressure.

Without a backline that can match the opposition, nothing useful has come out of the bag in the end.

And it’s something they will need to work on next time.

That way, it will give Fergus Lee-Warner the support he needs both defensively and attacks to grab as many points as possible.

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