2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 9: Collingwood Magpies v NSW Swifts Game Debrief

Both the Swifts and Magpies defenders do match the same standard in the opening quarter.

Regarding the attack, the Magpies struggled to link up in the final third.

The accurate shooting & some support passes from Sam Wallace kept the possession for the Swifts.

It hurt the Magpies defenders when they have to go through against Wallace & her peers in the front four.

Q1: Magpies 13-20 Swifts

Nothing much changed when Sam Wallace continued to net points thanks to the Swifts’ players around her.

The Magpies also continued to score some points, including snatching some two-pointers.

Despite the fantastic contribution from Gabby Sinclair & Nyah Allen, who came in for Shimona Nelson, they need to continue working together in the last half and reduce the backs’ pressure.

So the Swifts have to be aware of the opposition backline led by Geva Mentor, who can guide her defenders and stuff the attack.

It’s a standard the Swifts will need to match defensively, so the Magpies don’t eat their scoreboard lead.

HALF-TIME: Magpies 27-36 Swifts

The Swifts continued to attack where the points there going into the final 15.

For the Magpies, the defense has upped the ante, which did benefit their final third.

It’s something the Swifts need to watch out the backline and tighten it up if they don’t want to lose points.

Q3: Magpies 42-48 Swifts

In the end, the Swifts’ attack led by Maddy Proud in the middle proved too strong for the Magpies.

Yes, the Magpies defense did the hard yards, plus Nyah Allen & Gabby Sinclair boosting the points upfront.

But their lack of conversions upfront combining with the lost penalties, saw them fall behind.

So does the lack of support and accuracy from Shimona Nelson, who didn’t back up the momentum that the Magpies need to build from the beginning to stay ahead.

FULL-TIME: Magpies 54-69 Swifts

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