2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 9: Top 3 players from the Collingwood Magpies v NSW Swifts Game

by Sports Benches

Sam Wallace barely misses a shot into the net where her accuracy is at its best.

Not just the usual free-flowing spree within the circle, but she can be a team player for the Swifts.

The vision and physical build she possesses that usually supports her into the net can extend her flexibility into finding some support players into the gaps via the long-range to maintain possession.

Her strengths must be all of the above to help the Swifts’ side plant the positive start & maintain the scoreboard lead right to the very end.

So credit to Wallace on playing down the Swifts chances of losing & identifying the opposition’s weaknesses to find the support players around her before focusing entirely on the conversions.

Usually, Helen Housby would be Wallaces’ right-hand ally, who complemented each other well upfront.

But Housby had to sit down tonight over a calf strain that occurred from the previous round.

So Wallace would take a leaf from her physical attributes at Goal Attack & use it to make the opposition challenging to defend.

Maddy Proud

She’s an all-rounder as soon as she came on off the bench for the Swifts tonight.

Proud immediately became flexible with her natural game in helping out the attack with the support Sophie Garbin and Sam Wallace needs to finish off in the net.

The support passage of play via the channels is there for Proud to move into space that helped her read the Magpies’ weaknesses via the lack of conversions.

And she delivered a statement that the Swifts attack tonight is unmatched.

Proud played initially at Wing Attack; then, they moved her in the middle to protect the back three defensively and add an extra layer to block more Magpies opportunities & support their front three.

That move helped ease the Swifts’ worries of losing, executed a big lead from the Magpies, and positively ended the night.

Geva Mentor

She worked hard both from a leadership and expertise standpoint at the goalkeeper role for the Magpies tonight.

The communication with Jodi-Ann Ward and Mel Bragg is crucial to use the tall reach and deflect it in the back as Mentor would do decently compared to an Aussie Rules markswoman where the Magpies do have a Football team there.

That way, it helps stuff up the opposition attack from the Swifts and reset the build-up play from the Magpies.

Unfortunately, it’s a lack of link-up play and conversions upfront that hurts them the most in the end.

Despite trailing only a couple of points on the scoreboard earlier having won the third quarter alone, the Magpies attacking standards didn’t match the Swifts. Not knowing their weaknesses is to split their opposition backline into gaps.

Instead, nothing much happened where the Magpies couldn’t recover & the scoreboard lead went the Swifts’ way as they lost by 15 points.

Next time, Mentor needs help from the other end of the Magpies forward line.

And she can make her defenders block harder without too much fuss.

That way, Mentor allows her attackers the best chance possible to exploit the opposition half’s situation, which would make her life more comfortable.

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