2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 9: Top 3 players from the Adelaide Thunderbirds v Sunshine Coast Lightning Game

Laura Langman is such an essential player in the midfield engine room.

She benefitted from the Lightning defenders’ feed when they spotted the Thunderbirds’ weaknesses via small conversions.

It allowed Langman to focus on identifying the Thunderbirds ‘ weaknesses into the gaps and exploit them through the gate solely.

And it’s essential to do so with the communication alongside Laura Scherian to run through the channels, call out for support and help the likes of Steph Wood, Cara Koenen & Peace Proscovia to finish off naturally into the net.

That kind of flow made Langman and her attacking front three life’s more comfortable thanks to the robust defense.

The backline knows Langman and her attacking team’s best strengths.

That is, stop leaking points defensively, which then gave her the maximum opportunities possible to capitalize on the Thunderbirds mistakes from the opposite end.

Netball is a free-flowing & confidence game to unleash the best abilities used in their respective roles.

There’s no doubt Laura Langman is an essential presence in communicating with her team-mates, being alert & use the physicality to back up the natural game that worked well tonight.

Karla Pretorius

She controlled it in the heart of the Lightning backline tonight.

The leadership skills in asking her defenders to be aware of the Thunderbirds front three gave the Lightning opportunities to re-set their build-up play.

How did Pretorius do it that frustrated the opposition?

It’s unpacking the visionary using the speed and read what the Thunderbirds’ weaknesses are.

Pretorius made them hesitate when the Thunderbirds’ struggled to link up within the circle via the conversion side of things.

So she took advantage of these situations to found her opposition attacker and turn the ball over the Lightning way.

Such a hard worker brings plenty of experience both defensively and beginning the build-up attack to help link both Lauras in Langman and Scherian in the midfield.

Shamera Sterling

Once again, she’s tough to stuff up any opposition attack for the Thunderbirds.

She allowed her team-mates to sort out their build-up play & net in the crucial goals needed to fire off.

That way, it allows Sterling to back up her best defensive abilities with the vision before she marks up an opposition attacker who struggles to find some support into the gate.

Three words to describe her, she’s young, energetic, and speedy to be flexible who gave plenty of the Thunderbirds chances when blocking out the Lightning opportunities via the deflection.

Although, the defenders around her in Shadine Van Der Merwe, Layla Guscoth, and Maisie Nankivell did well at the back.

But again, it’s the lack of conversion communication and link-up play that saw the Thunderbirds lose in the end.

It made the Thunderbirds defend with enormous pressure, and unfortunately, Sterling had to come off during the fourth and final quarter with another pain in the ankle.

Fingers crossed for her recovery soon enough as she’s the main hope to give every reason why the Adelaide Thunderbirds can win games under Sterling’s watch.

Without her on the court, it’s tough to find a way to get used to it and hope for the best.

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