2020 Super Rugby AU, Week 10: Top 3 players from the Queensland Reds v ACT Brumbies Game -

2020 Super Rugby AU, Week 10: Top 3 players from the Queensland Reds v ACT Brumbies Game

by Sports Benches

Jock Campbell stands out tonight in the Queensland Reds backline at full-back.

His running tore the Brumbies apart thanks to the Reds capitalizing their mistakes with little support & ill-discipline.

When his forwards build the work via set phases, Campbell looked ready to help them out and assist via the channels in the vast areas.

And he did it at the right time when Campbell received that message from the forwards and responded with two decent assists.

It benefited a great start where he helped Liam Wright and Chris Feauai-Sautia complete these touchdowns in the first 40.

Well done in the end from this man can contribute in the build-up play whatever he feels comfortable with, such as cleanouts & tackling to get out of difficult situations plus running around to reduce the Brumbies possession & exploit them.

Tate McDermott

Thanks to the brilliant defense work from the Reds, it made his life more comfortable at scrum-half.

He organized it brilliantly in navigating his decoy runners out wide to get around the opposition gate.

And McDermott helped his team-mates answer these targets when the Brumbies struggled to these blocks into space after going through the disciplinary and conversion errors.

In return, McDermott can stuff up the Brumbies attack defensively when they lack support in the build-up play, especially when he made a try-saving tackle midway in the first 40.

And he ended his fabulous night with a touchdown of his own just four minutes before the final siren.

Thanks to the Bryce Hegarty cross-kick on the far-right, McDermott read it well when the Brumbies struggled to pick up with only a player alone & he picked up the pieces to seal the Reds win at home.

Pete Samu

He may have scored the late and only touchdown for the Brumbies just before the half-time break.

That line-out throw built by the decent Brumbies forwards before Tom Wright spotted a nice gap on the far-left ready for Samu with the successful execution.

Samu and his forward pack may have worked so hard defensively that helped the Brumbies win the penalties and turnovers & resetting the build-up play.

But it’s the poor communication from the backline where they lost penalties with little to no support to complete the set phases on the run home.

And having seen these chances held up made the forwards defend with enormous pressure where it’s too great for the Reds to exploit them in the end.

Yes, the last game of the regular season may be quiet, and let’s say “no pressure” game.

But the Brumbies need to move on and get back to basics to come back with the strongest starting 15 players possible to complete an all-round defensive and attacking line up that would help win this year’s Super Rugby AU during the Grand Final in two weeks.

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