Caderyn Neville is such an experienced figure within the Brumbies camp, especially in the forwards tonight.

He has a great eye to read the Queensland Reds’ build-up play errors such as little support across the pitch, throw-ins & scrummaging/mauls.

And Neville used that physicality to take advantage and plug the Reds holes in that helped Brumbies win opportunities.

He helped send a message to build the base patiently before Neville used the attacking voice, navigating his team-mates around the Reds danger zone.

That way, you have seen Folau Faingaa, Andy Muirhead & Tom Banks each score touchdowns plus the regular kicking into the goalposts from the returning Noah Lolesio.

The successful points built up to stay ahead allowed Neville to ensure that the Brumbies defense is tight and not let the Queensland Reds slip their hands.

It works well when the Reds unsuccessfully tried to split the Brumbies blocks into pieces with unlimited shots deflected in the end.

Well done to Neville on keeping the Reds quiet using leadership and ability to help the Brumbies get the win and championship they deserve.

Tom Banks

Another standout player for the ACT Brumbies tonight is Tom Banks at full-back.

He thanks his forward pack on keeping the Queensland Reds half quiet defensively that helped win opportunities with the ball.

It allowed the Brumbies to set up to build the set phases that urged Banks to get ready.

And it worked well when they launched Banks’s best strengths with his pace, trickery footwork & physicality.

That unpacking saw Banks expand his vision across the pitch that got around the Reds blocks that successfully became dismantled & sealed a touchdown himself early in the final 40.

Not only can Banks be an attacking influence that helped Andy Muirhead offer the same capabilities.

But he can be a defensive asset with his tackling and eye to frustrate the opposition where they’re unable to fire these shots to split the Brumbies defense without the support passage of play.

Harry Wilson

It’s hard to see it coming if you’re a Reds fan losing the grand final by a close margin by five points.

But if I have to pick the best player individually from that team, then it has to be Harry Wilson in the No.8 shirt.

He’s such an all-rounder in both defense and attack.

As usual, Wilson can tackle the vision & physicality to win penalties thanks to the Brumbies’ poor communication and lack of support runners at times.

In the attack, Wilson has the pace combined with the physicality and vision to get around the Brumbies danger zone.

A great example of his masterclass earlier in the first 40 when the pacey Jordan Petaia in the right-wing helped Wilson finish that touchdown for the Reds via the quick ball.

Another one came midway in the second half with the direction and guidance from Tate McDermott that allowed Wilson to run freely and call for support that helped him pass to Taniela Tupou, then Angus Blyth for the finish.

Unfortunately, some silly tackles, poor throw-ins plus lack of support, Jordan Petaia limped off at the break, and calling out via unsuccessful attempts with the conversions and scrummaging play let him down in the end.

Wilson needs support and close communication next time to unpack everything in the required menu that can terrify the opposition both the pace and physicality to win games.

Apart from that, as said, Wilson is such as all-around contributor in the No.8 shirt that can be a decent pick in the Wallabies team when they face the All Blacks in a few weeks.

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