2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 14: Top 3 players from the Magpies v Firebirds Game

When Jemma Mi-Mi came on for Laura Dunkley, she offers so much more in the Wing Attack role for the Firebirds.

She’s very mobile with the pace needed to quickly connect the physicality such as the cross passing towards Tippah Dwan and Romelda Aiken inside the circle to tap it off in the net.

Mi-Mi made a tremendous difference to help her Firebirds team close in the scoreboard lead & make up lost time thanks to the Magpies’ poor link-up play in the attack before eventually leapfrog the opposition-held on tightly for the win.

It shows that Mi-Mi runs freely using the court’s width into the space to get around the Magpies tight back three, which eventually became dismantled.

The answer is close calling to see Mi-Mi link up and find her Maroons team-mates further afield to keep the possession ball alive.

That way, the communication needed to successfully navigate the circle for the best points possible highlights Mi-Mi’s outstanding performance in the Firebirds shirt this afternoon.

And you see a lot of her team-mates, fans, and commentators praising Mi-Mi’s hard work rate after the very final siren.

Tippah Dwan

Dwan has a great eye, whether it will be a close-range or just within the circle.

The reading is where Dwan received these calls from her Firebirds three regarding the missing finishing link from the Magpies.

That way, the Firebirds defenders gave the front four chances to capitalize on the Magpies errors, where Dwan called it well to make her goal-scoring abilities easier to shoot using the physicality via the throw-ins and put the opposition in lots of pressure.

Not only that, Dwan plays the safe hands route as said earlier in being aware of the tight Magpies back three where they’re good at deflecting the ball with the reach when passing off to the experienced Romelda Aiken & cap it off in the net.

Overall, Dwan, Aiken, and Mi-Mi answered their plea for the Firebirds defenders to help stuff up the Magpies attack and prevent them from winning, which ensured that this afternoon’s game is the Firebirds.

Although, the Firebirds may have fallen short in not making it to the Finals.

But Dwan should come back stronger with age to improve her natural goal-scoring instincts that can help the Firebirds go one better and breakthrough the finals bubble in 2021.

Plus, Dwan prepares for some competition from the returning and more experienced Gretel Bueta, who is currently on maternity leave.

Melissa Bragg

She looked after the Magpies defensive three led by the experienced Goal Keeper of Geva Mentor.

She read it well with the gaps that the Firebirds struggled to connect towards their danger zone, which is within the circle.

That way, Bragg used the physicality well via the deflection and eye-coordination to stuff up the opposition attack.

It gave the Magpies opportunities to try and capitalize on the link up play towards the final third.

However, little conversion communication and not connecting the dots cost the Magpies the win they needed severely to end this season.

Yes, Bragg is happy to learn with fantastic guidance with the leadership of Geva Mentor & mobile versatility of both pace & physicality in Jodi-Ann Ward, later came in Matilda Garrett.

It’s just the Magpies attackers letting her down.

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