2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 14: Top 4 players from the Swifts v Giants Game (drawn)

Maddy Turner is unstoppable in the Swifts back three this afternoon.

Her defensive capabilities are spot on with the reading to notice the Giants’ miscommunication & kept them quiet upfront.

That way, Turner is protecting Sarah Klau and Lauren Moore by deflecting the ball, which helped pass to Sophie Craig or Paige Hadley.

Both of them have their chances to capitalize on their mistakes with the maximum points needed towards Sam Wallace and Sophie Garbin in the Giant’s danger zone.

Although the Swifts looked close to try and lock out the Giants with the win, they deserve a more manageable task in the finals.

But the Giants comeback when their attacking play did match the Swifts end; it had to settle for a draw.

Paige Hadley

She looked after in keeping both ends of the Swifts team that functioned throughout the whole game.

Credit to the communication Hadley receives from her defenders keeps Jo Harten and Kiera Austin quiet at times.

Not only Hadley is protecting her defenders in the way they allow launching the attack.

The way Hadley sets up from the middle of the court to get around the Giants defensive half & safely landed into the hands of Garbin or Wallace.

The flexibility with the pace and physicality Hadley uses ensured that the Swifts stay ahead on the scoreboard.

Jo Harten

She’s an experienced goal shooter in a Giants front two alongside Kiera Austin.

The communication from these two is crucial to get the score charts fire off, having built an early lead.

Although, the Swifts dominated this game midway.

But the improved balanced communication from both departments of the Giants team helped Maddy Hay and Jamie-Lee Price find their key targets into space.

And it allowed Harten and Austin to fully finish it off into the net where they’re able to make up lost time, calling on her defenders to tighten it up and letting the ball come to her and Austin that helped win the final quarter together.

Amy Parmenter

She looked after the Giants back three well alongside Kristian Manua and Sam Poolman.

Parmenter is mobile and flexible, using her physical muscle and pace to spot the Swifts’ incomplete spots to pass.

It ensured that she’s reading it correctly & not letting the ball travel to her danger zone, demonstrating her wing defense role.

She can also go a bit forward in resetting the Giants’ build-up play in the attack with the guidance needed for her front four to get the job done.

Overall, Parmenter praises for her all-round play that helped the Giants make up lost time in the final quarter and end it as a draw.

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