2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 14: Sunshine Coast Lightning v Melbourne Vixens Game Debrief -

2020 Suncorp Super Netball, Round 14: Sunshine Coast Lightning v Melbourne Vixens Game Debrief

by Sports Benches

The Melbourne Vixens fired off well with a free-flowing starting seven both in the attack and defense.

Sunshine Coast Lightning also caught up at the same time.

But the disjointed communication and little support from their defenders saw the Lightning trail by five points, 13-18 going into the second quarter.

Nothing much changed with the Vixens still topping up goals in the net.

There are disciplinary mistakes for the Lightning, mainly coming from the defensive back three that began to fell behind on the scoreboard sheet.

The same goes for their lack of conversions upfront, such as the two-point gamble just outside the circle.

Unfortunately, it did not quickly compensate for the Lightning’s mistakes in the first two quarters.

But it is still possible that the Lightning can act fast as they are five points behind the Vixens at half-time, 26-31.

Thanks to Liz Watson stretching off with a strain, the Lightning began to improve their defense & exposed the Vixens weaknesses without Watson.

It helped link the Lightning attacking half to make up lost time, used the two-point immunity wisely, and closed in the scoreboard lead by one point, 42-43.

For the Vixens, yes, there’s no fault in blooding youngsters on the court via the rolling subs where they fired off slowly with incomplete link-up plays to cross towards the circle.

Eventually, the Vixens weathered the storm using the time-out package before they bounced back in the last five minutes of the 3rd quarter and built on it to hold on comfortably & win this game.

For the Lightning, it’s unlucky to see them fall short.

But it’s lack of support and gaps between the back that gave Steph Wood and her Lightning attackers limited time to close in the scoreboard lead, which ended up too late by four points, 54-58.

Overall, it’s an incredible game to end the regular season of 2020 Suncorp Super Netball.

In six days, we will see both teams meet up once again for the Major Semi-Final.

The losing team in that Playoff game will have a second & final chance.

That’s where they will meet the winning Minor Semi-Finalist on Sunday, October 11.

But whoever wins that match-up goes straight to the Grand Final on Sunday, October 18.

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