Top 3 players in Game 2 of the 2020 Cadbury Netball Series between Silver Ferns v England

Claire Kersten steered the ship tonight for the Silver Ferns.

She made an immediate impact in the central role as a substitute.

The Ferns may have fallen behind in the first half.

But Claire compensated it immediately with a remarkable recovery.

The central role must be vital to protect both departments.

Claire got her way around the England blocks with the pace.

And that pace she unpacked into the gaps helped link up to her shooters.

She knows how great Maia Wilson & Ameliaranne Ekanasio upfront.

It helped the Ferns win the series 2-0 & made England hard to catch up.

Claire can build from observing England’s weakness.

And marry it up to execute it with the high physical standard.

So credit to her all-round ability to change the game.

If it were not for Claire, the Ferns would not have won this game.

She just gave the Ferns the significant silverware they need.

Karin Burger

The starting Seven may not have prevented England earlier on.

But one of the two Kiwi subs has turned the tide.

We already went through Claire Kersten in the middle.

We now look at Karin Burger in the wing defense spot.

Karin analyzed how did England keep the Ferns at bay in the first half?

She saw the opposition linking up well into their danger zone.

There was little physical application to stop their promising start.

But Karin guided herself and her defensive peers to make England hit and miss.

They first identified the England leaky defense.

And Karin found that mantra to stop them from scoring.

You got to credit these hits from the Ferns impressive attack.

Not only Karin is such a great defensive unit.

But she can help lift off the attack where Karin helped Claire link up in the channels.

It made them struggle to arrest these gaps knowing where to find her shooter.

Laura Malcolm

She benefitted from a great start thanks to the England defense.

That build-up base helped Laura link up to her shooters.

The observation & pace is there to navigate around the Kiwi blocks.

Her optimal throws, whether if it is short or long-range, helped England lead early.

It is one of her best strengths, where Laura made a game-high 18 goal assists.

Safe to say that she knows where to find her shooters.

Not only is she a natural in the wing attack role.

Laura can play in the middle and wing defense.

England may have lost the game tonight, mainly after half-time.

The low defensive penalties they conceded affected that positive start.

It led her forwards to hesitate where they lost some missed finishing on occasions.

That is how England struggled to replicate their 1st half performance.

But Laura is a fundamental opposition player that made the Kiwis feel the heat.

She deserves the support needed to represent her country.

It is something Laura would like a consolation win to cap off in two days.

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